Happy Birthday Antpoc!



Hope it’s a good one with a nice Tone to it @Antpocalypsenow



Many thanks Theobald, very kind of you x


A real quality poster, a GBOL.


Happy Bidet A-po


Very, very generous thing to say, thanks Hyggzy x


Happy birthday! I hope you have a very enjoyable day and year


It’s also @alcxxk’s as well, Happy Birthday @alcxxk!!!


happy birthday ant! :smiley::birthday:


also happy birthday to alcxxk, sketches’s brother and my boss, who i hope never sees this.


Whoop it up, Ant, you fabulous fucker!





Happy Birthday Ant! Have a great day! :grinning:


Can i just say @Antpocalypsenow that lately I’ve grown to appreciate you as one of the most consistently sunny people on this board. I owe verbal a pint as he’s in the close vicinity to where I live. You and he and I should beer.


Thanks, man! Very kindly of you. We should sort something out for sure (I’ll take a soda and lime or a classy lemonade though innit)


i’m off booze in jan so i’ll join you with a classy lemonade


Can’t believe @xylo forgot you don’t drink, tbh.


For today he is a man!


The last pint I ever had was at one of the old open mics with him in fairness


Don’t bring down a great thread