Happy birthday DarwinBabe! 🐱


According to FB, it is @DarwinBabe’s birthday! Hooray! My country made today a national holiday IN YOUR HONOUR.

Hope you’ve had a good day mate xx


Queen Of DiS


Happy birthday!


Came up with this while waiting for pasta to cook

Happy Anniversary Of Yr Origin Within The Species, DarwinBabe

(Apologies if this rubbish joke has ruined yr birthday)




Apparently you share you birthday with Bono, so happy birthday to U2.




Happy Birthday!


happy birthday, db :slight_smile:


Happy birthday DazBaz!


Happy Birthday DB :tada: from me and this lump!


Happy Birthday DB :birthday:


Showed your cat to my cat and he said “meow” in a really suggestive way


Co-là-breith math.


dis cat wedding! :smiley:


Hbdb! :cat:


Happy birthday DB! You’re a treasure :call_me_hand:


Happy birthday db, hope it has been good and that your birthday meal was delicious x


Thank you all

I’ve had so many vegan delicacies and white wine that I’ve had to have a lie down on the pavement before getting on the undeeground


HB DB, you are a legend x