Happy birthday DazBaz!


Have a wonderful day!


This is from both of us.


may all your dreams come true


HB pal :tada:



HB matey!


happy birthday db :smiley:


Prolly being stupid but can’t for the life of me work out who this is. Anyway, Happy birthday DazBaz


It’s @DarwinBabe obviously

(It is also Dennis Bergkamp’s birthday though and I suppose it could just about work as a nickname for him)


ah fuck of course, sorry DeeBabz, and again, happy birthday


His nicknames include Dennis the Menace, Bergy, The Non-Flying Dutchman, The Iceman and God


yeah my bf got me a cuddly toy guinea pig a few years ago and we called him ‘Dennis’ :slight_smile:


What’s his first touch like?


have the best day


Happy Birthday!!!




Bit personal!


Happy Birthday DB! I’ve learned so much from your posts over the years and you seem like a wonderful person! I hope you have a lovely day!


Wishing you a veryverylovelyhappybirthday, full of cats and cake and friends and fizzybubbles and all the things that make you happy!! :slight_smile: :fireworks: :birthday: :champagne: :blush: :kissing_closed_eyes:

EDIT: :heart_eyes_cat: :cat2: :cat: