🎈 Happy Birthday Drowned in Sound 🎈


17 today.
Time to euthanise it yet?


Congrats Sean and genuinely thanks for creating a site/boards that so many of us use and enjoy every day! xoxoxo



Euthenise it? It’s just on the cusp of adulthood!

Thanks for creating a space for us all to hang out and meet like minded dweebs.



And fuck no.


Also do you really think that relaunching the boards was the world decision ever? :frowning:


Happy birthday DiS. The new forums are great! 10 more years easy.



I’ve spent more than a year of my entire working life on these boards when I should have been doing what I’m actually paid for.

Keep it up.


17 - Old enough to fuck, not old enough to watch actors do it at the cinema

Happy Birthday DiS :kissing_heart:


Are we all still chipping in for its driving lessons this birthday as planned?




oh crap, i got it a calendar of female indie rock singers


I’ve got this on pre-order


Subthread: what did you do for your 17th birthday?

  • 17? I can’t even remember what I did for my last birthday!
  • Went to a pizza restaurant with friends and hung around for ages because we were Β£40 short and nobody had brought enough money
  • Hired a hall that was too big for the number of people who actually turned up
  • Went and got wasted in the park
  • Nothing
  • Other option

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went to the pub i think


I’ve included the three options that were the most common amongst friends of mine. Oh I missed β€œhad a house party that ended up getting out of control” though I think all the house parties I went to at that age were ridiculously tame.

I was a ridiculously tame 17 year old tbf.


My friend and I share the same birthday so we would always take it in turns to host our birthdays at each others places. 17 was at her house :smiley:

Everyone was extremely drunk. I remember walking into the livingroom, one friend was thrown up and passed out on the sofa, walked out to the patio just as another friend projectile vomited, walked back into the house and had sex in a bathroom. YES.


Yep, I was a ridiculously tame 17 year old. Uni came as quite a shock to the system.


usually it’s up to the birthday person to bring the cakes in