Happy birthday Hauntology Winner EM 2

(An electronic recording of the birthday song warbles away on a broken reel to reel tape. Try as you might, you cannot find the playback device anywhere in this derelict multi-storey car park. You look out at the boarded up shops down below, mustering up memories of the once bustling city centre. You take a bite of cake)


Bought a bunch earlier but aware I’m in the iom… If you need more postage let me know

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Happy birthday, Em! :partying_face: xxx

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In an extremely Scarfolk like occurrence, I got poisoned by my own birthday cake. I’m badly allergic to an obscure preservative that mostly turns up in drinks, not cakes. My mum sent me a cake via an online service, not realising the cake was drenched in this preservative to make it post better. I ate one slice on Sunday, had a severe allergic reaction and nearly had to go to hospital, and am still puffed up like a balloon two days later.


I checked and it’s the same price as the rest of UK- I need to double check if I need to fill out the new customs sticker however

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Fark! That is truly scary. Glad you’re okay (and the hospital could even treat you with all the Covid cases).

I didn’t end up going to hospital in the end, got it under control with an asthma inhaler and anti-histamines at home thankfully.

Ironically, the thing that I’m so extremely allergic to is the preservative used in Epi Pens (and some local anaesthetics that also have adrenaline in), so I don’t have one.

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Happy birthday (for yesterday), you have the same birthday as a friend of mine