Happy Birthday Icarus-Smicarus! 🎂


Many happy returns smickers!


Happy birthday! Enjoy your day!




anyone with a mclusky-influenced username is alright by me.

happy birthday you gbol!



Cheers ladz!


What’re you on with today chief?


happy birthday!


Happy birthday Icarus you splendid bastard, hope you have a grand old day :+1::grinning:


HB cutie pie xoxo


still in bed right now tbqh. working 4 to 10 later (used to always take my birthday off when i had shit jobs but i don’t mind going into this one and not doing very much work atm). my old team downstairs have a tradition of getting cake and sweets in for team birthdays so i’ve to call down to them and stuff my face for a bit after i get in, also a good excuse to hang out with them all for a bit.

gonna go into town before work and probably buy a couple of things, got given some vouchers at work recently as a thank you for doing basically fuck all so might spend one in Waterstones. might have a wee pre-work pint as well if time permits.

still haven’t decided what to do at the weekend, whether to just spend it by myself and go to a record fair thing or whether to go down to my mums and get friends out for pintz.


Lovely day all told that, especially if you don’t mind heading into the office.

Can you do both things over the weekend? Pint with the ladz on saturday, see your ma on sunday?


birthday, schmirthday!

have a goodun


my more solid friend group is back at my ma’s end of the country so those two things go hand in hand, there’s less chance of pints if i stick around here at the weekend but could have a nice day out to myself. will probably choose the pints option in the end though.