Happy Birthday Mr John D Traynor

raises a glass to his memory



MR_JD(ick)Traynor’s guide to DiS
chris_is_cool 18:32, 13 February '07

Traynor’s views on DiS are somewhat regimental and clear to him. He see’s fit to look at the roots of DiS in order to establish a particular code of DiSsers. It seems that he believes that every DiSser serves a purpose, one that will thrive among its community and help it to live on. Now, obviously Traynor likes this which is why he stated the following glitches : Firstly characters such as chris_is_cool, smilingcrazylady and sarkyfox have failed to provide a role which he see’s fit and one which is not desirable to the entrepenuers of DiS, well guess what we didn’t read any mission statement.

Secondly he would see it beneficial to DiS to rid of Crablin and see Klaire rise as a omnipotent power.

and last of all he would like to see characters such as sophiacherryx to fade out.

This may be true, i don’t particularly agree, but i could be wrong. However, i beleive he missed out one vital flaw in the DiS system and this flaw or bug is stated below.

Vital flaw/bug: Internet fuckwits that think they know the system, but actually haven’t a clue.

Guess what Traynor…your somewhat perfect race isn’t so fucking perfect is it, most probably due to your existance. Just so long as you know you’re a flaw too then you can stay.


Was talking about him just yesterday as well.

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In your face, jdt!



Happy Birthtime to ex-drowned in sound posting JD Traynor, 120 today! Happy Birthtime, Ashtray! I am doing a perfect race!


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Oh is he dead?

Not as far as we know but obviously on here

don’t we all.

Ye olde DiS was fucking batshit huh.

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