Happy Birthday punkosaur!






Happy birthday :tada:


You lot can be proper idiots sometimes



It’s not his birthday today, duh.


Mod should change it to mistersteve whose birthday thunder has been stolen


Didn’t initially see this thread as I had to log off and go to work. Thank you xox


Yeah, I wasn’t going to say anything here but I don’t think some of you realise how scathing and unpleasant you can be sometimes, over basically nothing. Especially when 12 of you team up to like someone’s post which is basically ‘you are a child, you have an ego problem, you should seek counselling.’ Imagine if you were told that for a moment, with everybody agreeing. It’s not nice.


I know I’m going to regret bringing this up and I tried resisting the urge. But I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t spend the whole of yesterday feeling rotten because of some of the comments on that other thread.


I’m confused but happy birthday for whenever it was. You are a good DiSser and general GBOL.