Happy Birthday to DiS: 18 today


‪Happy :clown_face: 18th :birthday: birthday :balloon: to :cake: DrownedinSound :candle:

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hope it has a fab day (and lots of pressies!) x


Well done Sean (and team)


hbdis you’re a lovely website



Looking forward to buying DiS its first pint in the pub later today.


WKDs all round!


You’ve come of age Dis, Happy Birthday!


Tracy is Hot and the Clap, Pocus Whiteface, and the Orange Organics for me.




:tada: :birthday:




ooh it was my cousins 18th at the weekend. hope DiS has a better beard than he had


Barely legal music website wants you to engage it right in the content.



Another Corbyn voter joins the ranks!


Happy birthday DiS!


happy birthday dis, very definitely in the top 1 best websites of all time…



Happy Birthday DiS!

Keep up the good work. Kisses


Theresa May’s 62nd birthday today too


Happy Birthday Th…oh wait.


Happy birthday DiS!!!
Now that you can legally drink alcohol go get yourself a beer or 2 to celebrate.


of those that i can specifically remember

Crash of Rhinos thanks to @badmanreturns
Tiny Moving Parts thanks to @NickDS
Efterklang thanks to Mike Diver’s fantastic review of Parades

other stuff too but they come to mind as were from specific people

thank you sean :heart: