happy black friday everyone

hope you all have a cracking time in Currys or wherever


Black Santa’s been!


Going to treat myself to a really, really reliable external hard drive. For backups.

I’m excited.


The most wonderful time of the year.

Well I have been watching these walking boots for a year, refusing to buy them for £100+ (and they are usually £120-£130). Today they are £71.

God bless us one and all on this most sacred of days!

Sound quite technical

Oh fuck… don’t let me near any jackets today.

I’ll keep an eye out for any fleece offers for you.

what’s good to buy

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pizza place near me is half price every friday of the calendar year :raised_hands:
wonder if i can get a discounted black friday can of coke somewhere

Got this for my wife for Christmas


Also go her some Wild Beer sleeping lemons gin for her as well. And got myself some tiny rebel beers (16 beers for £25)


ahhh that’s a lovely dress

Thx bbz. Was gonna buy it a few weeks ago but forgot. Went on there and found it was much cheaper than if I’d gone for it straight away.

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I’ve been waiting for the Sweaty Betty BF sale as everything’s 25% off, got a pair of leggings with a spacey pattern on them and my PT ordered them for me with her 30% extra discount so they’re nearly half price, absolute bargain


Oof that’s the best. Did you get these ones? I want these ones Gym Leggings | Free UK Delivery | Sweaty Betty

These ones:

Just realised they don’t have a pocket which I wanted, but they’re reversible and that’s cool

I wish sweaty Betty did clothes for non tiny people :woman_shrugging: