happy black friday everyone

i’m going to buy some uniqlo leggings

still looking for a long down coat

Ooh amazing! They’re v cool.
I live in my plain black betty’s. Wear them more than jeans!

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I’ve had my eye on this fabric forever so gonna pounce


The dunlopillo that I bought last week is £15 off now :woman_shrugging:

Tempted to buy myself this.



might get this


10% off the Wizz Air flights I booked for my friend and I to Moscow in April!!

Gonna get a 15% Travelodge discount too for January

Here we… Here we… Here we fucking go!!!

Seen loads of people wanking on about how it’s all a big ploy

Yeah but some people need to buy things now and will welcome a discount now

Bunch o grandads


Too poor to take part in sales

Could do with new shoes I guess but will probably wait til Christmas

Looks like we might be getting flights to California to see my sister+family next October for £660 for the both of us :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


I want to buy some new pants but I’m skint.

Quite enjoyed this


Ooh, Wild Beer mixed fruity case with 20% off, I am very tempted as there are nice nice looking beers in there…

Bought a hard drive, some wireless earphones, and a Kindle for 'er indoors. All stuff I was going to buy anyway, but cheaper.

Oh and a new graphics card the other day.

Definitely not indulging in any more rampant consumerism until Cyber Monday.


I just order a load of beers I can’t really afford (and it’s your fault).

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Love it!

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It is @rich-t’s fault really

(I couldn’t afford them but my dad had been asking about Christmas presents so the link has been passed on…)

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