Happy Crêpe Day!


Hope you all enjoy your 8+ crêpes.

Do you have them plain, or with lemon and sugar, or syrup, or something else, maybe iced cream or fruit?

Met a southerner recently who claimed you still have tea as normal on Crêpe Day and then just have a crêpe afterwards. Ahahahahaha.

Have a good day, mates.


Lemon and sugar or fuck off tbqh


Happy Fat Tuesday DiSers.
I will be eating meatballs and pasta


That’ll have more calories than crêpes, lad!


I had pancakes with peanut butter, banana and chocolate chips.



you’re full of crêpe big man


put £50 on crêpes to beat psg this weekend


I’m gonna go to creams and get a custom one, Nutella, banana, strawberry, white chocolate shavings, and a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. Perfect combination, the various elements take the edge off each other and stop it becoming sickly


Blueberries and chocolate chips with maple syrup - that’s the best pancake. Somali ones are p good too - we used to have them as kids with butter and jam, drinking very sweet, milky tea that was frothed up like a cappuccino. If anyone ever has a chance to try them pls do, Ethiopian ones are similar too


crêpe guardiola


Maple flavoured golden syrup for me. Nothing but the best in my household.




Having two from the firm rn. Wank as fuck but nice.
Buttermilk w./clotted cream, tahini, pekmez & pistachios


Bloody love the spongey bread you get in Ethiopian caffs


You mean like injeras or summat else?


Maple syrup if I could be arsed. Maybe some dark chocolate too


Lemon and sugar for def
Poss orange and sugar which was my dad’s weird favourite and has filtered on to me

Mrs will have Nutella because the French are savages


I don’t think i’ll be having pancakes today.


It’s not pancake day. It’s Rusev Day.