🐰🐣🥚☀️HAPPY EASTER ☀️🥚🐣🐰

yeah once, watched Ding vs Bingham

it was great fun, dunno why I didn’t go more

walked right past Ken Doherty too

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I’ve never been biggest regret of my life so far

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go this week

Its too late this year, maybe next

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whats the best thing to watch on apple tv? recommendations please. I’m currently watching severance but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it at the mo…

I really enjoyed these:

For All Mankind
Ted Lasso
The Morning Show (season 1, s2 isn’t as good)
Losing Alice

I’m currently watching Pachinko, which is excellent.


Thanks lovely, I was hoping you’d respond, haha. I think I remember you making some recommendations before but I didn’t have apple at the time! xxx

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Ahhh no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For All Mankind is good Sunday evening viewing, it’s about the race to go to the moon and tells the story as though the Russians got there first. The characters and story development is brilliant.

Ted Lasso is very heart-warming, feel good tv. Don’t let the fact it’s about a football team put you off (I don’t like football).

The others are great but ‘grittier’ and if you’re looking for some nice easy viewing I’d recommend one of the above.


Ted Lasso FOR SURE

Believe Jason Sudeikis GIF by Apple TV

  • Half life
  • Half life 2

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Weird old weekend but firming you a few future plans and seeing a great gig has sorted me out

I need the cat to go to bed so I can put her Happy Birthday banner up without her seeing. I’d like for it to be up when she comes down for her breakfast


Had a very fun night at Ma and Pa Funkhouser’s despite no booze cause of driving so that’s nice. Ate a lot and listened to some good records. Gonna have a gin ‘n’ rio.


Success! It’s a bit wonky and I knocked over my bloody reed diffuser but I think she’s gonna love it.

I’ve got chicken and tuna to make her a birthday cake and a candle to put in it that’s in the shape of a 7, cause that’s how old she’ll be :blush:


Please make sure you post a picture of the chicken and tuna birthday cake because I simply must see that.


Oh, of course!!

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Good thing: people piling out of a gig with their merch (t shirts, posters, etc) with a massive smile on their face. Love. To. See. It

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Hope she likes shit cakes lol!!


:smiley: I imagine you as a v skilled baker

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bread - fine
everything else - an elaborate form of scrambled egg

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