Happy evening with a bonus AIBU.

Hello AIBU coming up.

In the meantime plans??

My plan of a delicious tea of fish cake with a lettuce-based salad was TURNED UPSIDE DOWN after the salad was discovered to be brown liquid sloshing around in a bag.

Improvised with potato alphabet shapes

Don’t judge me; we needed the freezer space


Trying to finish work but my computer has just turned itself off in the middle of something (take it to the work irks thread)

I love a good AIBU

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YABU if you don’t hurry up and post the AIBU


So hello.

Having a ‘disagreement’ with mrS about phones. Basically he wanted an iPhone, so he bought one. Now normally this starts a cascade where V gets his old one and I get Vs old one as I don’t care about phones.

Anyway, now he reckons I should get his one, it’s a pixel something as mine is old and such. But I don’t care, I like it old it means I can drop it, use it for cooking etc.

Now he is in a strop as he was ‘tryong to do something nice’ but for himself right? Not me…as I keep saying if I did want a new phone it’d be a lovely pink Samsung that goes round the sides but apparently that’s not on offer 🤷


  • He is being unreasonable, if you don’t want a new phone who cares
  • Just take the phone and appear grateful
  • This is very much a first world issue that I don’t care about but of course you are right Slicky
  • Phones are so fucking dull
  • You should be endlessly grateful to get a third hand phone

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Isn’t everyone already happy in this scenario

Why does he care? lol


I don’t understand what’s going on. Who’s unhappy and why?

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Good evening, friends.
I want to know, could I knit with cooked spaghetti/noodles? The answer is no because I can’t knit, but if I could…?

Edit: actually no one answer this, I smell a mediocre thread!!

Mr s has a new phone and we’re all unhappy.


Nonce sense


I’ve heard silicone spatulas are more effective

2nd, whatever

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I was trying to debug some code the other day and the error message had that word in it, presumably in the “number that is used once” meaning of the word.

didn’t know how to resolve the issue though so had to Google it on my work computer, bet that’s been flagged to someone.

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Exactly though.

Basically I am in the right, he is being grumpy because he thinks I should be grateful to get his second hand phone. I don’t want it!!

You know what I mean about cooking. Like getting flour in the mic and smearing stuff on it etc.

Well yes. Kind of.

evening all :wave:

doing the same presentation four times back to back is really weird, proper groundhog day vibes this afternoon doing that. finished up for the day, fell asleep within about five minutes. successful day imo.

had :pizza: for dinner, now trying to decide whether to do some exercise and then play games, or just play games.

(the exercise is Ring Fit Adventure so it’s still kind of playing games but still)

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It’s also a key term in cryptography. feel a bit guilty, but I comes up rarely enough in my work that I can’t help chuckling when it comes up.


Get all your ducks in a row hun xoxox

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I’ve found a video that I really like again

I’ve been writing a short story with lotsa liminal uncanniness vibes in it so this is nice 2 c

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