Happy evening with a bonus AIBU.

I was there last Thursday.
I see your southbound. where you going? Brough? Nottingham?

Well, she is! Right?!

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I feel very unwell, also my family hate me and I have upset them yet again so that’s nice.

Still managed to fit lots in this morning before the migraine and shivers started: took R to and from school for his intro morning (he seemed to enjoy it, said he felt very shy though), ordered him his new bed which is coming on Friday so I hope I am not sick still then, and also we made a really cool lego street complete with shops (really pleased with the hats’n’wigs shop which has a cool entrance and window display)

Took some codeine for my head so probably sleep soon as it always makes me mega drowsy. Wish someone could read my book to me.

My housemate is telling her mum about how sad she is to be moving out and how I’m her best friend :sparkling_heart:

Feel extremely greedy. There are 5 incredible people who all consider me to be their best friend


This sounds amazing! Feel better soon FL xxx


Oh, anybody want to join in my edition of DiS Film Club in Friday?

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I did the exercise. I regret doing the exercise :dizzy_face:

Anxiety’s gone into overdrive. Fucking dreading work tomorrow.

Are you thinking of manhole covers? He collects those.

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Called some racist arsehole a racist arsehole. Gamers eh?

Cleared out my locker at former work, said hi/bye to my former colleagues on their first post-furlough day back (technically I still work for the same company, but I’ve crossed the Rubicon/gone to the dark side/other heavy-handed metaphor) & fixed the building’s sound system before leaving. Did a short bike before the rain came down. Mousetrap and jam has just caught one of the voles my cat decides to bring in unharmed. Chicken marinading for Thai, which I should probably start cooking soon. Want to watch the Straight Line Mission Across Wales: Attempt 2 (Episode 3) but it hasn’t been uploaded yet. Exciting times dans Chateau Ella


I am!

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as I’ve been knocked back by a few rejection emails from jobs I applied for, I find myself thinking that maybe I should lower my ambitions a little bit while filling in an application for a position with the London Contemporary Orchestra

Oh mate. Well well done for calling it out at least :slight_smile:

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Have to use this in work now all the time, it never stops being weird

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Thought you were off for a handjob

Who’s handing them out


Evening party people

Chicken Korma for dinner (a mild curry because five year olds don’t like the spicy stuff)

The other half is out, so I’m editing photos from the photo shoot I did the other day. Hopefully I can share some of them at some point, because they’re looking great.

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Oh much later, can’t be handling someone’s dinkle so close to eating fishy chippies

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