Happy Friday!

I hate it when people say this.

Ah well, at least it’s Friday eh?

Fuck off


I do use this and make no apologies.

Fappy Hiday!

I say this.
Sorry, but I’m excited.

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that’s even worse! don’t ever Friyay me!

more of a FriYay man?


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please respect the feelings of those that hold secret second jobs and cannot enjoy Fridays. Please

Big fan of the “how’s it going?” “Can’t complain, it’s Friday” school of banal office chat.


Is this the banal thread? I want to drive home to Glasgow but sat nav is saying 5 hours so nope, gym and Nandos or Wagamama instead.

“Just a couple of hours left to go eh!”

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I respect your uncompromising stance on this matter. However…

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“nearly there!”

The banal thread is wherever you choose to lay your posts laefs x

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“keep going!”


Aw man that sucks for you!! :joy:

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Ooooft someone get me some antiseptic and some sterile bandages


“I actually find Fridays quite terrible as I go directly from another job on Friday morning to this one. Then leave here and go back to my other work, only finishing on Saturday morning”