Happy Friday!

Hello folks!

I’ve had two coffees and later I’m off to wales for the weekend.

Need to have some breakfast so might use up the mushrooms I have left over on toast.

How u? What doin?

Wigan Casino freaks my nut out


Ha I literally have just been wikipeding this after watching bbc


Hi. Knee is sore, tight chest, cough. Excellent condition today. Might do some clothes shopping for work (waterproof and walking trousers, thermals maybe) at some point today. Might make a decadent Mac n cheese for dinner.

Morning! Woke up in the mood to embrace autumn, maybe because I’m wfh today. Gonna keep cosy and try and keep it to a half day’s work, because it’s been a really intense week and we’ve achieved a ton so earned it I think. Also had a food shop delivered last night so I feel like I’m hibernating now.

Really keen to see TMNT too. Excellent choice


Feeling a bit fragile and bleurgh. Could be the mixture of oysters and raspberry mojitos from last night, but could be unrelated.


Morning everyone

Might or might not have a good pal and his two children stay with us this weekend. He’s broken his wrist this week and will visit to fracture clinic this morning, where it is decided if he needs a plaster cast. He can’t drive across if he does. So we’re in a holding pattern until we know. Not ideal

Too many hours of work to get through first. Iron tablets are helping with my alertness though

I did use the mushrooms. Fit.


Had a dream that I needed to drive to somewhere in Northumberland for a 7.30am meeting and woke up in a panic.

Willow back at vets today for a review :pray:


Texted in sick as still not 100%.

Need an easy show to watch

Just made an overnight oats discovery. I ran out of my usual frozen fruit yesterday so as an alternative I found some out-of-date apples in the fridge, peeled, chopped and stewed them with a drop of water and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Made up my oats as usual - layer of natural yoghurt, layer of oats, stewed apple, layer of oats, layer of yoghurt. In the fridge overnight.

Taste sensation :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:


You were already there!!!



They’re probably going to tell him not to drive whether it’s in plaster or not.

I’d be making other plans.

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Morning! Dreamt that a chimpanzee threw the contents of my wallet on the floor, but that was nothing compared to the lion that was living on the village green. Still, woke up irked at the chimp.

Need coffee pls



Work in a bit. Nice short-ish shift for a change.

But first, scramble deggs on a bagel.

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Off on a course in Bristol (keynsham though) which meant I got to take the dog out this morning and lost two balls :rofl::woman_shrugging:
Wish I had a job where I could always do this without having to get up before 6

Should be an ok day and then it’s Friday Friyay

You’re right

He’s going through a separation and is desperate for a distraction. And, you know when separated dads are too keen for their children to love them? Bit of that too

Wouldn’t put it past him

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