Happy Guy and Galentines Friday thread Feb 14th

Love you DiSers! Let’s all go for waffles and blueberries x

Last day of half term, my thumb is slowly returning to normal size. Getting wine and takeaway later…

Tell me your plans. Moans. Loves. All of that. Maybe some love song bangers later??


Big dread day today, talked about it a bit in the evening thread last night, but it’s been causing me issues all week. But get through that and it’s holiday time!!! Cooking mushroom stroganoff later and may get some bubbly in the fridge.


Morning you hunks of burning love on dis, happy Valentine’s Day.

I’m currently in Mandalay airport waiting for my flight to chiang mai in Thailand. Well early, think the flights only an hour.


Morning Slicky and etc.

I am going to see Angel Olsen tonight and I can’t feckin wait!!! :heart_eyes:


Gonna go see Parasite (on my own)


Happy Valentine’s day! I fancy most of you. That’s as romantic as I get, I’m afraid.

I’m looking forward to getting home later, ripping off my trousers, and absolutely tearing into a massive pizza. It’s going to get messy.


Might do this

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You going down Chicagotown again already?

Nah, SFPP is a Pizza Company stuffed crust and a fistful of lactase.

Grr water supply had been cut off at work yesterday so was hoping we could WFH today but just got the E mail saying the waters on again.

Going to the theatre on my own and then going clubbing with some GBOLs this evening.

My boyfriend made me a card with Ainsley Harriott on it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy Valentine’s Day You lovely bunch.

Mrs W and I have a voucher for a local restaurant (was a Christmas gift). We’re going out for a sneaky lunch while the kids are at school.


Think this is the first time I’ve ever been actually bummed out at Valentines Day. :frowning:

Got a good day planned anyway-- walk and a coffee with my friend and her baby, lunch with mam, visiting some friends and then going to see Emma (there were no late Sonic screenings - GUTTED)



CWBATF, a fine thing indeed

I’ve taken TOIL this afternoon as this week has definitely gone on long enough, very pleased with that decision. Going to see Pozi support Dry Cleaning this evening, going to grab some Hug & Pint vegan food beforehand :yum:


Me too :partying_face:

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Wanted to see them yesterday but they were sold out boo - have fun!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas