Happy Halloween Day Thread

What are you dressing up as? What’s your candy? Have a spooktacular day.

  • I will be dressing up (today or another day)
  • I will not be dressing up

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  • I have sweets ready and waiting for trick or treaters
  • I will be hiding behind the sofa with the lights out

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Today I will be wearing my usual mask of “person who is able to adequately function in social situations”.

Don’t have any sweets in yet but I’m going to get some later because I have absolutely no idea what this neighbourhood is like yet.

Poll needs a third option:

I have sweets and chocolate ready for trick or treaters but will be hiding behind the sofa with the lights out hoping none turn up and I can eat it all myself.


Gonna see The Shining for the first time :ghost:



I live in a flat so should avoid any trick or treaters :sweat_smile:
there is a party in the shared garden which I will also avoid #BadNeighbourino
After a shocking :zap: nights :night_with_stars: sleep :sleeping_bed: just looking forwards to being home :house_with_garden:

wfh today, bit of a misery at work at the moment so thought I would remove myself for mine and everyone else’s benefit!

Apartment is cold though!

Seeing The Fog int’ cinema tonight


Off to post some terrifying stuff I’ve sold on eBay, then get a horrifying haircut this morning.

Then loads of spooooooky calls with work later.


Happy Halloween pals! It’s also my wedding anniversary, going to start frantically trying to get Kiss tickets at 9:30 - we were married by a Gene Simmons lookalike so seems an appropriate way to spend the day.


I have really fond memories of The Fog because our science teacher had a copy of it in her classroom and we’d always watch it in the last couple of days before the Christmas break.

I don’t know why she had a copy of it in the classroom, or why she thought it was appropriate to show in school to a bunch of 13 year olds or why we would watch it at Christmas.


live in a flat. have never had a trick or treater here in the five or six (?) years I’ve been here. so don’t want to buy any sweets as I’ll just end up eating them.

I wanted to see that but it was sold out to fuck

Are there kids in your block? You could dress up and take the sweets to them

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Blurred because not very happy chat Still packing up the caravan and won’t get home till after lunch now. Not sure what’s going to happen when we get back, how the reality of the situation is going to hit us. Feel awful that we couldn’t get there any earlier for my step-dad’s uncle as he was the one who found my stepdad’s mum this morning. I feel so sad and guilty that we are so far away.

Don’t feel guilty, it is just bad timing that you were away. Hope you are all coping as best you can, especially your stepdad x


I have some mini pumpkins I might stuff and bake today, could carve faces in them for the beetroot-y filling to ooze out of I guess :jack_o_lantern:

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Actually just saw a news story and this is in accidental bad taste