Happy Halloween Day Thread

Morning all,

Kids are out trick or treating for the first time tonight, I think. Will be collecting their sugar addled corpses and trying to get them to bed later on. Fun times. For me, I’ll be strongly trying to avoid anything to do with it.

Got to my desk this morning and found that a contractor had tried to steal my mouse. How very ghoulish of them.

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Urgh, just absent mindedly opened up twitter and of course the first tweet was announcing who won GBBO and I was just about to watch it :angry::angry::angry:

Was having a bit of a fed up and want to go home moment already :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Oh matey, social media is the worst for this kind of stuff.

I don’t quite know what time it is where you are at the mo but get yourself something nice to eat and drink and see if the moment passes :hugs:

Haven’t we all.



It must be hard being away for so long! By the end of a 2 week trip, i’m usually ready.

What have you got planned in the next few days?

I am dressing up as a miserable idiot who in having a costochrondritis flare up and is hurting badly.

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Flying to Bangkok tomorrow night which is probably the last place I want to be. Then straight into a four week trip. I’m normally fine once the trips get going I’m just getting a bit blasé about travelling.

Happy Birthday fella!

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might have greggs for lunch :thinking:


Hope you feel better soon meo x

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I am dressed as Inside Out Jacket Man

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Got my Kiss tickets lads. Wearing this spooky sweater as my day costume. Just watched Raw, putting House on next. Tonight as we’re in the woods I’ll put on Evil Dead 2.


Have you been to Tim Hortons yet?


The Torontons I met last week reckon that Tim Hortons is over :open_mouth:


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Maybe they’re getting Ben’s Cookies instead.

I looked for one in HK - the nearest is Singapore :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Tim Bits :heart:


hail satan, everybody

tonight we are going back to kirkstall abbey for some kind of frightfest interactive horror thing. should be good.

i’m drinking black coffee and i’m wearing all black, but that’s standard for me really. not getting dressed up per se.

Can’t tell which side this is arguing for :thinking: