Happy International Women's Day

(If you want to whine about wah wah wah where’s International Men’s Day, please go and quietly put yourself in the bin where you belong, and save everyone the trouble of getting up)



Women: what a great bunch of lads.

(But seriously)


I was literally going to post this. Bit worried now.

Maybe moker was on to something after all.

Women are striking in protest at the restrictive abortion laws in Ireland. Lots of my friends are joining in. I hope it gets the message out and after the most recent revelations about the Catholic Church’s callous disregard for women and children I would hope people would be sympathetic to the message.


I read the comments on that Guardian article about the home in Tuam from 2014 you posted on Twitter, and the level of cognitive dissonance and “stop making a fuss” in the comments was incredible.


My favourite Herring tweet from today:

I notice it’s Freddie Prinze Jr’s birthday today. When is it MY birthday?


Nice work.

mubi posted a chantal akerman film i haven’t seen. prob watch that tonight.

Yeah think we might watch Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff as we can’t get out to see Certain Women tonight.

was really interested in certain women after the festival hype but haven’t seen a single review that didn’t basically hate it since its general release.

There’s a similar problem in Paraguay* - the Catholic Church is such a huge influence that a couple of years ago a 10-year-old girl was forced to carry a baby to full term after she’d been raped by her stepfather.

From reading about it at the time it looked like the authorities tried to delay making a decision to allow her to have an abortion until it got too late for her to have one legally. Disgraceful.

*(Not trying to “yeah-but-what-about-other-countries” here BTW, I’m half-Paraguayan and the Catholic Church has a strong hold over society there too)

Oh really? Kermode liked it, not as much as the rest of her oeuvre but enough to convince me.

Yep, remember reading about that at the time and being infuriated by it. If you’d have told me it happened here I wouldn’t have been surprised.

(That’s cool! I always want to hear more about how other countries deal with this stuff. I didn’t realise you were half-Paraguayan by the way!)

i’ve written kermode off tbh, can’t stand that bro anymore

I tend to skip through the waffle and the box office top 10 and get straight to the interview and reviews. Makes a 2 hour podcast around 30 minutes long.

P important information very pertinent to today’s budget

I love how blatantly ghost written today’s actual Trump tweets are.