Happy Invasion Thursday, Aussies 🇦🇺

The Aboriginal sun flag isn’t in Emojis. Tut.

How’s everyone doing?

I discovered a few days back where the main nightlife road in the West End called Boundary Street got its name.

Apparently it’s the line that if any Aboriginal person crossed after curfew, they’d be killed. Now it’s the hub of nightlife with the same name.

Remember that British Colonial restaurant that opened and was in the news for being hugely insensitive? The reason people were confused is because there quite a few places that use colonialism as their slant, such as a colonial resort in Noosa. The restaurant is about 300m from where I live. It’s quite popular, that backlash must have been good advertising.

The flippant racist / sexist attitudes I encounter have started to lose their impact they happen so often. It’s institutional in ways that many other affluent nations have moved on from. I’m not suggesting the UK is perfect, far from it, just that part of the reason I still hang around DiS is to get some balance.

Pauline Hanson is the local version of Nigel Farage. Initially popular in the 80s when Asians were the racism target of choice for Australia, and has had a resurgence in the last few years with a find + replace for Muslims.

Happy Australia Day everyone!


Is this the Thursday thread? I think I’m a bit hungover.


Had airbnb people in the flat for a month and these last two nights I’m having to share with them as nowhere else to stay. Anyway, I knew they were dicks (had about 300 messages from them since they’ve been here “can I paypal you money to go and buy me some vinegar?”) but their brat of a five year old was allowed to stay up playing, jumping on my bed, hrowing a slinky around, screaming until ten past midnight. This is normal bedtime for him apparently. Me and bubs were trying to sleep in the next room from all of this. Then the dad stayed up until 3am watching TV and opening and closing doors. Then OF COURSE the big fat fuck snores like a train doesn’t he so I could hear him from my room all night when he did eventually go to bed.

Was so fuming, and I’m actually glad the baby got up at 6am this morning just to get them back. One more night to go…


:grimacing: hope it gets a bit more tolerable tonight…

Hope you all have a g’day

Was going to work from home and watch the T20i today because my ears are still ringing from Dillinger last night, but my dickhead of a cat won’t shut up so I was wide awake and figured the walk to work might do me some good.

I had my first XLBDCB of the year last night. Ordered a side of four chilli cheese bites but was given five #BrexitBritain

christ, they sound hellish


FUCKING HELL. About halfway through my drive to work I got a sudden onset of the Epimers. Not the “hmm, going to have to deal with this as soon as I get in” kind, the “look pal, this is happening whether you’re pointed at a toilet in the next five minutes or not, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to trust a fart” kind.

Somehow made it to a petrol station toilet without ruining my trousers. I was resigned to my fate at that point. Already thinking of excuses for calling in sick. Throwing away my trousers. The logistics of conspicuously cleaning my car seat when I don’t have a driveway. But I made it.

The only reason I didn’t turn around and go home was because work was closer. And then I got stuck behind an Audi inexplicably doing 45 in the 60 while I impotently screamed “FUCKING MOVE!” and tried not to cry.

AND THEN my boss waylaid me while I nonchalantly shuffled for the work loos. I lied to her face to end the conversation. Need to fix that now too. FUCKING HELL.

I mean… good morning.

classic Epimer


Hold me.

In case you missed the incriminating evidence, I helped @Sketches clean out the garage in his basement. I’m implicated now. The only thing that is dead about me is my liver.

I was supposed to go on a day trip today, but I feel like total crap and have a giant stye on my eye. Tomorrow I head off to Austria to work. I was feeling somewhat resentful that I had to go to a stupid training event this weekend, but I’m basically relieved to go back to work and have some focus and feel like I’m achieving something. I’m all partied and socialed out, and it’s kind of different when you’re visiting someone else’s house rather than being at home, you have no normal stuff to drop back in to doing.


would you take offence if i wore a hazmat suit?!

Oh mate. :poop:

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No, only sensible really.

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finishing up sharpish today as tonight i am finally getting to see girl band @Jeremys_Iron @Kallgeese woohoo. the excellent goat girl are supporting as well.
Would rather the gig was in glasgow but hey you can’t win em all


On a train, choo-fuckin-choo! :train2:


cold out

Got CAN playing on the office stereo LOUD

How’s everyone doing?


Radio 1’s on.

Who’s the DJ at this hour? His voice is insufferable.