Happy Jim Davidson day!



My favourite day of the year!

Please post your favourite memories, anecdotes and/or (positive of course!) opinions of the great man.


Happy Birthday e4!

(How do you add more than one tag, Lonzy? I can never do that)


With extreme flair


Plus I don’t think it’s his birthday.


Might be though


steady on


Thank you.


Happy Maybe Birthday E4!


I like it when he does that thing where he doesn’t like something that basically everybody else likes.


Good enough for me.

Let’s give him the bumps.


I remember the second and third iterations of his name, but not the first (unless the second was the first??).

Wonderful memories, I might add.


Do you save all your edits for me?

I guess changing the title is a nice tribute to ethric.


Remember cracking up at his Dad dancing bit on Generation Game


My pleasure




I believe he had a brief fling with Rosemary Ford


I see you bought your own chair! laughter


what’s going on here


A friend knew a woman who was a bit of a Davidson fan, went to see him at a show, she took him back to her place afterwards where he took her from behind whilst watching one of his videos on the tv. My one and only Davidson anecdote.


That woman?

John Virgo