Happy monday


No. I’m starting to sort out my dad’s funeral today.

Also lol

Hope everyone’s up to more fun things, although probably mostly work and shit.


Morning Steve. Really hoping things are ok mate

Today is my Friday, and we didn’t fail something I thought we were going to at work, so that’s ok. Still got the dreads pretty hard.

Have a good Monday


Ergh sorry Steve.

I am late for work as I didn’t get up until 8:37am. Hoping no one cares. Gotta tell my supervisor today that I am leaving for sure, then gotta tell my boss on Thursday. Also have a gross spot just above my lip which I have attempted to cover up, but it’s not really working.

Anything else? Will probably have soup for lunch.

Wish the tv was around.


Sorry Steve, hope you’re OK man.

Got a shit ton of code to rip apart and restructure. Not sure if it’ll be fun, who knows.


Hope you’re as ok as can be, steve.

I’m feeling pretty stressed by work at the moment. Was wide awake at 5:30 with my mind going over my to-do list this morning. Managed a nice relaxed weekend in spite of that though.


I had a proper work related anxiety dream last night


Ah Steve, so sorry to hear that mate. Hope you’re as alright as you can be given the situation.

Hoping work this week won’t be the much of the same stressful, awful shit I’ve been dealing with for most of the past few weeks because one of the people who’s caused much of that stress is off on leave for a few days. I can but hope.


Morning all.

Really sorry you’re having such an awful time @Mistersteve. I can’t imagine what you’re going through atm. Hope you’re looking after yourself.

I was gonna have a moan about some bullshit or other but it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m gonna have some nice coffee and a cereal and cheer up instead.

Hope you’re all well DiS.


I’m I’m flying Glasgow to London (Ryanair), will I be alright getting to the airport 40mins before departure?




Might want to give it an hour


God I am bored already, dunno how I’m gonna get through the day


deffo your flight will be delayed by at least an hour anyway


What @Epimer and @ghostpony said.

Give yourself time for a pint of Tennant’s and a boarding pass departures photo.


best wishes @Mistersteve :heart:

Got a very structured week ahead which I like:

tonight: clean flat
tomorrow: big shop?
Wednesday: bike ride!
Thursday: HAIR CUT :haircut_woman:


The flight is at 7am… For work. But sure.


I’m at max work anxiety

Otherwise my week goes:

Monday - Firefly vs the mrs
Tuesday - Wedding suit shopping
Wednesday - work night out
Thursday - chill
Fri-sun - disney


Sorry you’re having a crap time @Mistersteve

Today is my Monday, but it’s also kind of my Thursday, since I’ve got a two day week. Lovely drive to work this morning - there’s some great tunes in my Autumn playlist I dig out every year.

Out for drinks / food for a friends’ birthday later. I don’t think I’ll know anyone else, and the food is small plates. Inevitably whatever I order will end up at the other end of the table being eaten by someone I’ve never met.


Hi, I’m in Berlin on basically no sleep to move my shit back so I’m right here with you


I am at minimum work anxiety but full-blown-palpitation-level-everything-else anxiety. Solidarity.