Happy New Tax Year!

Plans for 2018/19?

I intend to pay more tax in 2018/19 than I did in 2017/18.

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I have to do a tax return in three countries this year!

I’m so excited I could cry!

I think Im about £7 better off this year
(until inflation is taken into account, making me about -£2000)


Any of our Scotland-based users excited about/for the new starter and intermediate tax bands?

Trump’s so called “historical tax cut” has had ZERO effect on me.

Fuck that guy. I will NOT get fooled again.

I overpaid PAYE tax last year by the tune of 4-5,000 so looking forward to sorting a tax rebate out in a few weeks

Well in the balance between extra pension contributions and the raising of the student loan baseline, I may well maintain a status quo. Exciting!

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celebrated the sugar tax by eating some jelly beans.


do they take effect now then (now then)? haven’t actually checked to see how I’m affected. FISCAL EXCITEMENT!

They are IN PLACE.

oh right. can I PM you my NI number and you let me know what difference it makes please

Just checked my HMRC account and somehow I’m 22p in credit

Only £[redacted] minus 22p to pay by the end of July then


Gonna do my tax return, gonna be fucking wicked

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Fucking hell, that 45% rate is miles off.

I’m going to have to think of a more creative way to pay more tax.

Assuming you’re on the normal tax code, you’re now taxed as follows:

£0 - £11,850 = 0%
£11,851 - £13,850 = 19%
£13,851 - £14,150 = 20%
£14,151 - £43,730 = 21%
£43,731 - £100,000 = 41%
£100,001 - £123,700 = 61.5%
£123,701 - £150,000 = 41%
£150,001+ = 46%


used this

to establish that between my wife and I the net difference will be minimal! YAY!

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Right, not to labour the point here, but the budget calculator says I’d be £20 a month better off next year if my salary was the same.

Why the fuck are people who get paid too much already getting a tax cut?! Fuck off, Tories.

If you buy £50 worth of fags a month then you’ll be giving that £20 back to the govt.

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A win-win!