Happy norway day!



About time to start drinking


Nor way pet!


Do you get a day off work for it?


Happy Norway Day wr!


Oh yeah mate


Hence the 16th being a big party day, especially for youngsters (I am no longer a youngster, so stayed in last night preparing for today)


Nice one, happy Norway day! What do you eat/drink/do?


Du er ikke den sum odelegger fitte.

Only Norwegian that I know. Sorry.


One of the best flags tbh



Most people have a breakfast/brunch type thing (my brunch guests are arriving soon), cause keep in mind we have work tomorrow so need to get on that daytime drinking early. Typical brunch food for today is stuff like scrambled eggs, cured meats, smoked salmon etc. And a lot of prosecco/cava etc.

However it’s also a big day for the children. There’s a massive parade for all the school kids through town, and in the capital where I grew up you get to walk past the royal palace and see the royals waving at you and stuff. Basically, this is what the city centre will look like today:

Despite all the flags it’s not actually a fascist march though and everyone is welcome, pretty sure they allow flags from different countries now as well, certainly national costumes from different countries have been quite standard for a while. Obviously after we were invaded by the Germans etc we love to celebrate our country and independence but also really don’t like fascists so most of the time, most of us manage to keep that balance…


Yeah we’ve definitely got a winner there


What’s the story with young norwegians wearing red dungarees?


But I do ruin cunts


If I had, or ever end up possessing, one then you’d be my first choice to fucking destroy it . :heart: LOVE YOU WR :heart_exclamation:


A-levels graduates. They’re called “russ”, google it if you want. It’s getting super ridiculous with people spending literally thousands of pounds etc though




Have a very lovely day, friend.


It’s Norway Day, let her have this one mate.


First drink open

(Havent eaten anything yet)


Glad syttende Mai WR