Happy Saturday

Hopefully it’s a bit cooler today.

I’m going cycling, quelle surprise. And then pizza!

How about you?

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Moooorning :wave:

Up early cos it’s bright and was warm…

Opened some windows :window: and it’s a bit cooler now but the cat is running around like a dickhead so I’m playing with him.

Going tile shopping later :weary:

Then got my dearest partner’s family coming around for tea. Don’t know what we’re eating though :thinking:

Where you cycling titly?


Happy Saturday tilts et al!

We’re having a quiet day as The Child is doing her final drama performance tonight.

The weather is much nicer today.

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Today is my Wednesday I suppose. Had too many beers and went to bed too late last night. B was up a lot in the night. V tired now. 3-11 today. Shitter

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An example of…

Y’know I’m 30… of

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Welllll, yeah, 30.

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Not sure but it’s a 48km loop localish!

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Got the patio doors wide open for that delicious, refreshing, cool breeze. So nice. Shame it’s going to rain all day though.

Going for a hot stone massage in a bit and then out to Local Indian this evening. The afternoon is a blank space where I plan to do very little.

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Off to Majorca for the silly kid’s first foreign holiday. No airport dramas thankfully.


M woke me up at 4 for breakfast, the magpie started its ritual 3 hour screaming at 4.13, the cat cried for breakfast for 2 hours from about 4.18, the shopping came at 6.20.

Hahahahahaaaaaaa :melting_face:

Had a little happy cry at a video of a bear and some beautiful scenery :bear:


Up with the bairns. Watching brutal kids telly.

Taking og bairn for his swimming lesson later. Aside from hunting for something for father’s day tomorrow I’ve got very little planned.

Morning kids

Espresso and tonic to start the day, then off to ParkRun in a bit. I’m sure that’ll be fine in this heat.

Off to see Lightyear this afternoon, mainly because cinemas have air con.



Bit sad at the moment but trying to pull myself out of it with coffee and marmite toast

Just realised I forgot to send my stepfather a card for tomorrow , it’s too late now. Feel guilty but I doubt he’s purchased a card that’s not for my mum in the last approx 40 years and he doesn’t do any actual fathering so he’ll have to make do with a text

Today I’m getting sorted for Glastonbury with lists and packing and whatnot. Might have some plans later but also might not

Paint skirting
Paint rail
Paint window frames
Fill holes
Skim walls
Clear gutters
Paint window ledge
Pull up carpet grippers
De-assemble furniture
Cut floorboards


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Hey yo.

Still in bed with the dog.

Had grand cleaning plans for this morning but nah :rofl:

Got to cut mrS hair, then going to lunch at my mum’s with sister and her kids followed by a scarecrow trail thing as they don’t have them in the US apparently.

Should be alright


where da selfie thread from yesterday?

Just eaten a fried egg roll with brown sauce. Was decent. 8 hours of kip was a novelty but now running late for youngest’s football training etc.
That aside, no plans whatsoever. Heatwave you say? Topping out at a balmy 17 degrees (but feels like 13) here in the NE of Eng today.

Playing computer games and feeling sorry for myself. Standard.

Allow Yourself to introduce yourself or similar?

Allow yourself to introduce yourself :star_struck: