Happy shopper thread

:grinning: :shopping_cart:
Record yr highly succesful shopping trips here.

Yay! Capitalism!

Ill start.

Just got the last tub of daim ice cream, the last 2 bottles of citra and a cucumber was worried they wouldnt have cucumbers.

Treated myself to a dairy milk bunny to celebrate.

God bless you SELECT CONVENIENCE (Ely branch)

Hang on, is this a thread about the company, Happy Shopper, and their cheap products. Or a thread about happy consumers?

It can be both rich. And much more besides!!!
(Was intending it to be mostly minor victories in convenience stores like happy shopper used to be)

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Then I’m afraid I have no recent success stories.

I do however have a successful story about spending £1075 on a TRAVEL SYSTEM (pram/stroller, carseat and isofix base). But I’m reckoning this would not be welcome in this thread.

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Nah, thats cool! What brand?



Bargain mate.

So @laelfy

Mamas and Papas Occaro at £775 (including Carry cot and adapters for car seat and a CUP HOLDER!)
Maxi Cosi pebble plus (ISize) carseat
Maxi Cosi 2 way fix isofix base.

Saved £100 on that too


I just hope its got a sizeable basket under the buggy. That was the one flaw with our gracco. Did me nut in!!

Huge by the looks of it. So yeah, that’s my story of rampant consumerism

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Hmmm what?

Chill out mca

Hmmm, that’s an awful lot of money for a chair and a basket.

That’s the price you pay for piece of mind, and this is on the cheaper end of TRAVRL SYSTEMS

luckily we only had to spend £150 on it, as my grandparents paid for the rest

I spent less than a third of that on two buggies* and two car seats** :open_mouth:

*first broke after very heavy use.
**different group sizes.

Different strokes innit. I’ve had no input in the decision, as she’ll be the one using the thing for the vast majority of time, so wanted her to make that decision

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Heard of Happy Shopper in the radio version of 15 Storeys High and thought it was a deliberately silly name for a fictional shop. Only recently found out it’s a real place.

Good call on the pebble. That’s what we had. We were tight and didn’t buy an ISOfix initially, then one of my mates was selling one second hand, so we got that for about sixty quid. It was brilliant - made me wish we’d bought one from day one.