Happy St Chad's Day Warn and All!

As we all know, it is the most propitious day to sow broad beans in England today, so get sewing you sponge jawed fucks.


Happy st chads day!

I used to get a bus past a church in Leeds. The sign was in an unusual font, and I thought it was called ‘st chaos’ church.

St Chaos! Imagine.

That’s my anecdote.


Happy St Chad’s Day everyone.

I’m going to mark the day by washing my car as is tradition.

Then need to go to the ‘Mountain Warehouse’ and get some new walking boots as my former ones have gone AWOL. Might get myself something from Greggs for lunch, providing Longbridge isn’t absolutely overrun with kids from Bournville College (it absolutely will be).

Metallica something album something something needed work

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Broad beans are fucking shit aren’t they.


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Maybe even the worst bean?

hi chad and etc

could someone in england sow some jim broadbents for me? thanks

Oh you take that right back!

Worse than mung beans? Are they fuck.

They do need peeling which is one of the worst kitchen tasks, but still.

Prob in the top 3 beans actually.


The worst beans? Human beans surely.


Its world book day and i am stick man because someone at work has made me a stick crown so all i had to do was wear brown (wearing all burgandy so i look more like a grape tbh)
I am the least stick looking person lmao


Hoping i can get away with laying on the floor doing nothing today and say im getting into character.

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Stick man goes for a run. That’s when his troubles start.

Got a stitch head and a Harry potter here. Love world book day.

Frozen or bought, yes. Grown and eaten fresh, no. Although the peeling is a pain like old warny says

As if lying on the floor is going to be an option. The girl is dressed as Katie Morag.

Hi everyone

Is this the daily thread? Watchng stormzy on bbc breakfast. Louise Minchin just said ‘the thing about grime is…’

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