Happy St Davids day fellow Welsh types!




Cool Hiraeth tattoo !



Diolch! Done in Cardiff ofc.


@marilyninthesky to thread plz


who else we got. @Ruffers @hip_young_gunslinger @chadders


This is incredible!

I remember listening to the Top 40 on headphones when that song entered the charts and all I really recall is how just after the Yeahs that descending guitar ‘riff’ travels round the headphones.


I feel sort of honoured.


@colon_closed_bracket lives there at least (iirc), I don’t think @monpot et al have made the move over here sadly :’(


mits too is welshian I think




soz (where’s the embarrassed emoji?)


Back off, he’s one of the Fen folk now. You can’t have him.


Your cold webbed hands are grasping him to your bosoms?


Hands where we can see them, please.


Parade in the city centre at midday. I do like the fact we make such an effort with our patron saints day. Shame it’s not a bank holiday though.


I’m not Welsh but I live in Barry. The gf is making us a lovely bit of Cawl for tea. That’ll be about it for our celebrations. Might buy some daffodils on the way home at a push.


yeah ^this, love that @whiterussian


oh im half welsh btw