Happy star wars day!


may the april the 4th be with you


kin 'ell, jordo


Saw the trailer for solo before ready player one the other day, it looks so bad


oh christ there’s more of them coming?


TLJ BluRay imminent.


8>>>>>>>>>> ALL THE REST


delete the thread mods


Fraid so, would have thought after tlj they would have suspended all Star Wars activity for a long period of contemplation before risking inflicting another turkey on the world




when people ask what religion I am I say “jedi” hahahahah!

why not? hahahahahahahahaha!



You’re talking about @ttf mega-posts, right?


Live long and prosper, everyone!


Got this for my aerial so I can find my car better, used to have nemo from finding nemo but he must have flown off on the motorway and died horribly


The face without the ears looks a bit like Darth Vader’s helmet.


yeah - maybe based on lego?


I’m going to live blog my bluray viewing, aiming for the all time most muted thread