Happy star wars day!

may the april the 4th be with you

kin 'ell, jordo

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Saw the trailer for solo before ready player one the other day, it looks so bad

oh christ there’s more of them coming?

TLJ BluRay imminent.


8>>>>>>>>>> ALL THE REST


delete the thread mods

Fraid so, would have thought after tlj they would have suspended all Star Wars activity for a long period of contemplation before risking inflicting another turkey on the world


when people ask what religion I am I say “jedi” hahahahah!

why not? hahahahahahahahaha!


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You’re talking about @ttf mega-posts, right?

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Live long and prosper, everyone!

Got this for my aerial so I can find my car better, used to have nemo from finding nemo but he must have flown off on the motorway and died horribly

The face without the ears looks a bit like Darth Vader’s helmet.

yeah - maybe based on lego?

I’m going to live blog my bluray viewing, aiming for the all time most muted thread