Happy Thursday fellow DiSonians

Morning all

Half term!! Half term!!

Got my new cooker delivered this morning, so now waiting for electrician to come and disconnect the old one and plug new one in. Hopefully before teatime…

Good morning.Got today off but been left a list of jobs to do. Feel slightly worse for wear after drinks with a some time dog last night.Should be right in a few hours.

when i got my cooker installed i had to get a gas man to come and do it. he connected the gas all up but wouldn’t wire the electrical connections in because he “didn’t know anything about that bit of it”. he then refused to take my old cooker away even though he said he would because i live up some stairs.

i hope you have enjoyed this story about cooker installations.

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You shouldn’t have had so many stairs

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I have a sore thumb. That is all.

Aw no! What happened? Is it bicycle related?


WFH today, sprawled on top of my bed.

Little else to report, tbh. Slightly sore ankle aside.

Never realised it was so difficult tbh.


(Yeah, it’s fine though!!!)

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it wasn’t! i connected the rest of it myself. dude didn’t even know which wires go where in a plug.

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Morning you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.

Prepping for holiday to Sicily today, gotta pick up some sun cream at lunch. Just snapped up a couple of holiday reads; bought Stoner and the hardback edition of Go Set a Watchman for 7 bones, bloody love a good chazzer.

Looks good this m9. Especially fond of ‘Tonight She Comes’ starring mrbean.jpg

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I bloody hated Stoner.

(Sorry. I do hope you enjoy it!)

I hope he doesn’t enjoy it now.


Ha no apology necessary you big ol’ librarian. It’s been on my list for a while but it does seem to divide people. Think I’ll read it last.

I didn’t mind it really, but had it ruined by people going on about it as like the best novel OF ALL TIME. It’s an ok read like


Thursday then, is it? Still buzzing from Public Service Broadcasting last night, such a great gig. Not much on today

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How did the tracks from Every Valley rate live CTL?

Absolutely brilliantly. They had a whole stage setup for it with mining equipment and stuff, and videos to go with each song. All Out was mindblowing. Progress was really good too - they said that Tracyanne Campbell was supposed to join them for it but couldn’t make it, which is a shame. They did most of the album in the order with older stuff interspersed in between.