HELLO! What’s happening with you? What was in your advent calendar today?

We’re still waiting for a baby. I’m still working. Not loads else to report. Current temperature, -12.


Hello ssf! It is not -12 here, 6 degrees and raining.

Advent calendar was a Lindt (& Sprùnglei) small reindeer. Very tasty.

Day in the office, can’t be chewed, but I’ve got a free Costa to redeem on the way in, and the family are coming into town after work to see the Fenwicks window and then get a bit of tea. The Fenwicks window is a Christmas tradition in Newcastle where the dept store does a big festive scene, think this year is based on Shaun the Sheep - genuinely can’t think of anything more festive…


Got a vegan choc one and a beer one. Probably start with the choc one soon


No advent calendar for me this year. What a crock.

Working from that old shopping centre today again, big fan of pretending I’m the centre manager. Might do a bit of parading around looking authoritative.




Far too early for this kind of imagery.


Say what you like about the fascists but at least they provided a range of well-planned benches for urban seating.

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Moved my desk into the living room, just to feel something.



Morning all :wave:

Back to work after a couple of days off. Nothing terrible has happened in my absence - not that I know of, anyway - and I’ve managed to reduce my 90+ emails down to about 15 that need my proper attention.

No advent calendar for me, but the girls are very excited about theirs, and about being able to listen to Christmas music in the house.

Hi all

Woken up feeling a bit sad and irritable

Week feels like it’s taking forever


Had about 3 hours sleep :yawning_face:
Nothing on but work today though.

advent calendar had a can of line of saturn in


Fuck, my energy bill for November is £58. I’ve used the heating 3 times. Heating will not be coming on for Xmas and Jan as it usually does then.

is it though

Day off today. Washing up and shopping on the agenda

Morning all!

The Child was awake at 3.50 asking if she could open her Xmas calendar so I am feeling under-rested. I am already a bit done with Xmas, which doesn’t bode well for the next three and a bit weeks.

I don’t teach on Wednesday so I’m planning classes and listening to music for most of the day, possibly with a walk to the shops if it stops raining or a bit of computer games this afternoon.

Always feel slightly startled by the passage of time but how is it December :sob:


Hmm still in bed

Morning all.

Refused to go into the office today, as well all be in tomorrow again for department Christmas lunch.

Classic FM, which has been great to have on in the background fir the dog, has started doing Christmas music today. I’m okay with stuff like the Troika, but walking in the air can bugger off for at least a fortnight.