Happy World Book Day Everyone!

It’s World Book Day!

Go and read something.

Yes mum.

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I’m reading this thread


I saw a picture on facebook put up by a mum (friend of a friend), her kids were dressing up for world book day, one of them was dressed as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

gf’s just sent me pics of her nephews. eldest is harry potter (fucking sucker is just dressed in his school uniform with summat drawn on his head and a shit cape), youngest is a teenage mutant ninja turtle. he looks hilarious but i dont think theyre book characters


Grim. My parents could never be arsed to help me make a costume so my mum told me to go as The Suitcase Kid i.e. wear normal clothes and frown a lot

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Just seen someone post a photo of his brother and sisters dressed as Batman, the cowgirl from Toy Story and a character from Inside Out.

At least Batman was on paper once I guess

we never dressed up for it, I doubt mine would’ve helped much either

seems to be the way it goes nowadays

I heard that 1 in 5 people in the UK cannot name a single author.

There’s a smarmy article on Vice today where some twat challenges “hipsters” to name a single author. One of them says Charles Dickens, and it’s strongly implied that he doesn’t count.

The thing is, he’s really good, so he does count.

My son is Batman today. Tried to steer him towards Paddington Bear. No dice.

World book day just means shelling out money on costumes for me.

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That’s because authors are so sexy that they’re all taken!

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how’s his batman voice

I’m reading Them by Jon Ronson, I’ll dress as the owl shrine from the group ceremony at bohemian grove.

I’ve read that, but I’ve never seen a photo of the shrine itself. It’s even more WickerManny than I imagined.

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i’m reading the secret history of twin peaks, so i’ll dress as bobby briggs and wear my leather* jacket


books are so shit

I was about to request a ban for you, and the idea was to riff on your username, but it’s only now I’ve noticed that it’s not, as I’ve always thought, “Banman”.