Happy World Book Day Everyone!


our school’s doing it tomorrow for some reason.

Alan Taylor from the Mr Gum series.

I STRONGLY recommend the Mr Gum series to all parents.

haven’t read a whole book for 15 years. Who has the time?

because your car’s broken!

Is this like when ruffers pretended he hated all films

aren’t you unemployed now?

I prefer giving him bits from Prince’s Batman album.


Most people?


I’m reading this book



yes, voluntarily.

you’d have to be a bit of wanker though

Still think we should sue them.

which disser have you dressed up as?

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Yeah not a dig. Just sayin.

sounds more like world costume day, eh?

I’ve dressed as a chained up Goldfinch

Oh ok

Utterly bizarre opinion.

sorry maybe that was a little too dry.

that’s the trouble with the written word.

TMNT started as a comic, so you can possibly get away with it in the same way as Batman.