HAQ123 album number 5

Apologies for the good old fashioned JAG but I’m a proud dad. My 12 year old daughter’s noise/metal/psych band HAQ123 have just released their 5th album, and like the previous ones it’s picking up some great reviews.

“.a fascinating, ugly, ridiculous, but pretty entertaining ride through some Butthole Surfers meets Sesame Street in a toy store hellish nightmare world.”

Some of you might have caught them live before (they’ve played festivals like Supernormal and Supersonic and played with Acid Mothers Temple, Hey Colossus, Luminous Bodies and loads more) and if so you find this album a bit different - there’s no messing with this one, 13 songs in 22 minutes so a more aggressive sound compared to some of the more proggy/psych stuff on previous albums.

They are playing Are You Listening? in Reading in October if anyone’s going, should be some more dates as things get back to normal too.