Hard as NAILS (examples)


My chamomile teabag has burst but I’m pressing on anyway and straining it through my teeth.

Done anything proper 'ard lately?

Five times @zxcvbnm was a total n00b! (The turn DiS into Buzzfeed thread)

Ear piercing
Didn’t faint


Walked to work in light drizzle this morning without using an umbrella…even though I had an umbrella in my bag!


Tried to demonstrate the simplicity of the pommel horse using the arm of my sofa

Span a 360 on my hands and bailed it onto the floor.

Just got up and did a lap of honour.


Funny you should ask, I shouldered into the snack machine to free my snagged snickers about 20 minutes ago.


Ate a curry last night, without having to blow my nose at all.


cycled to my LBS earlier without wearing a helmet!!!




he’s a proper helmet


Had a fierce dog chase and bark at me this morning while I was riding my bike in the woods.

I stood my ground like some sort of brave hero


Did two hours in the play park after nursery last night. Was so cold by the end but the girl wouldn’t be rushed.


picked up a daddy large legs and put it in the garden this weekend


(can’t be empty)


Was gonna say finishing my half marathon with a fucked-up knee (and also ankle it turns out) but I’ve been milking it for all it’s worth in a very non-NAILS way in the subsequent days.


what if nails was an acronym for Needy And Irritating Little Shit?


Then I’m NAILing that, friend! :joy:




Think I’ve only got Netrunner anecdotes for this one too.