hard drive space audit

how much hard drive space do you have on your computer or your phone?

laptop has 840Gb, which is loads.

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Free? About 6 GB on the SSD, I think about 1.5 TB on the other hard drive, and almost all of the backup drive I got but can’t remember the capacity of.

101Gb free of 355Gb


Couldn’t live like that, personally.

how no

Feels claustrophobic.

Should I be worried?


37.9gb out of 128gb on my phone

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  • I did not

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  • Not really an arrow, is it?
  • More of a triangle

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  • I didn’t click the arrow until I read this reply
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  • They’re both the same

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c: 152GB free
e: 495GB free
f: 150GB free
i: 144GB free

Why don’t I have a d: or a g:?

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you got enough storage there mate

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omg hoogy!!!

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guys PLEASE for the love of GOD always keep a good 10% headroom to ensure the proper functioning of your hard drives!!!

theo’s gonna be livid when he sees this thread


That’s loads!


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Which I thought was loads until I saw