hard drive space audit

Was honestly feeling pretty twitchy at this until we got to the big momma drive.

I discovered that lord of the rings online was using up loads of space.

big momma drive is strictly for work stuff though, don’t like to cross-pollinate just in case… you know. backup04 is ready for the box once the last bits upload to dropbox

(didn’t ask)

tl;dr it’s all in hand, epimer. all in hand.

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I shouldn’t talk really, I don’t have a backup for my backup.


it’s :clap: not :clap: a :clap: backup :clap: if :clap: there’s :clap: only :clap: one :clap: copy

I can probably live without those 7,000 cab sim impulse files anyway. Probably.

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Actually those are on Dropbox, it’s the finished music that isn’t. Priorities.

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Getting a bit close for comfort, especially as it’s an SSD (they do over-provision 5-10% normally though)


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suppose it’s time I let go of Tekken 7 since that’s taking up 80gb on a 400gb SSD

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Been shuffling my last 3gb about for about a year now

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out of…? 30gb one hopes.

question for you super IT lords:

is there a quick and easy way to see which files and folders are taking up the most space on your harddrive?

Standard issue 128gb, Sir!

only 3GB free?