Hard Rock Cafe - yes or no?


Personally, I love them. Being their memorabilia buyer would be a great job.


the worst places on earth


Yes, they exist.


The worst burger I’ve ever had in my life was from the Hard Rock Café in Heidelberg.


good lord no

an overpriced horrid burger surrounded by ted nugent guitars


Terrible place for vegetarians.

Actually really didn’t like any of my time there.


My uncle took me and the TV to one in Asunción when I was last over there. The food was just about OK but then Lonely Boy by the Black Keys came on and all the waiters had to get up and dance on the bar. It’s weirdly one of the most expensive places in town.


Neither “Hard Rock” or a cafe is it?


I’m not sure of I want to know why they have to dance on the bar to that song but why?


Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and it was great.

Hard Rock Cafe is Wetherspoons with guitars on the wall.

On balance I am for them.


Aren’t they just in the same arena as TGI Fridays, Frankie & Benny’s etc etc? Mediocre but quite tasty food (in my ltd experience) if you don’t have any better options.

So my answer would be maybe.


They are all located in big cities. There’s always an alternative. Always.


God no


Always one of those places that you don’t have any idea who goes there, and how they stay open.


Entertaining Paraguay’s teenage elite


They’re also far too expensive to be acceptable options for that. No better than a nando’s or wetherspoons but twice as dear


My only ever experience was in Cancun over 10 years ago.

Despite knowing its name I was surprised how hard (and loud) the rock was. Let this be a lesson to us all


Hello definitely new user!


On balance I’m saying no.


Never been in one
Good logo