Hard Rock Cafe - yes or no?



Planet Hollywood still exists, yes, but only in a dozen or so places now.

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i have really fond memories of Hard Rock Cafes from growing up so always try to go in them but so far neither friends or my girlfriend have allowed me to go in one since… 2008?

i did however eat in the Vegas HRC TWICE in 2012 with my family. it was decent from what i remember? i went to a Rainforest Cafe as a bit of a joke about 3 or 4 years ago and it was fucking awful and horrifically expensive.

Awful looking places.

I’d only go if the Icarus Line were playing (and Aaron North was playing with them) which i doubt they are ever allowed to again.

I went to the one in Istanbul for work. They had one of Rihanna’s outifts from the Umbrella video framed on the wall. I was encouraged to go behind the bar and make cocktails and do devil signs with my hands. When I left, I was given a small glass bottle filled with cymbal shavings as a souvenir. I didn’t have a bad time is what I would say about it.

Woah. Look at the list of former locations:

planet hollywood was always far, far shitter than HRC tbf. surprised there are any left at all now though.

Have them in some weird places that aren’t that populated like Nadi, Fiji.

Don’t think Ive ever ate at one.

Nothing sadder than a bloke (almost always a bloke) with a Hard Rock Cafe London t-shirt on in London.

Even if you’re a tourist don’t wear that shit in the city you’re in. You stupid bastard.

If I want to see bar staff dancing on the bar I’ll go to Coyote Ugly.

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My reasoning is that if I visited a city that had a ‘rock n roll’ museum with some of this stuff in i’d probably make a short visit, so why not a HRC? Of course with so many restaurants there is a LOT of filler, but the good stuff is fun to see, and holistically, their archive is probably pretty important. So even as ‘conservationists’, I think they’re worth supporting.

The food is what it is, but it’s definitely decent enough and it doesn’t pretend to be any more than that. Overpriced of course, but given that they’re always in the heart of tourist areas that’s to be expected.

You should go to one. Right now. Then report back. Take photo’s.

I’ve already been to my local one. It’s got a stage-worn Angus Young school boy outfit, and the guitar James Williamson was given when the Stooges were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (though, hilariously, he doesn’t really get mentioned and they just put it next to a massive picture of Iggy Pop instead). It’s good.

I love this kind of indignant intolerance.

I’ve been told off my whole life for indulging in it. “Just let other people live their lives” they’d say.

“I can’t, Nan, these stupid fuckers have got to be told”.


Guilty pleasure. Every so often I just want to eat a disgustingly large portion of mac n’ cheese surrounded by music memorabilia whilst having Def Leppard pumped into my ear drums at ear-splitting volume.

Can’t be dealing with sommeliers, polite piano music, uptight diners and portions smaller than my fist.

Remember going to the west end with my Dad back in the 80s and always asking if we could go there. He always said no. My sister and I managed to wear him down enough to take us to a Garfunkels once and he had the hump all day about it.

Still never been to one. I actually reckon in the 80s the food would have been great by modern standards. I’d imagine it hasn’t really changed since then though and I guess that’s the problem.

alright Calvin Harris


Like the idea of them.

Priceless history

I think the only one I’ve ever seen was in Malta Airport. I didn’t go.