Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019: ideas thread 🤔

Hi raffle fans, it’s getting to that time of year and as interest has been shown I will once again be organising another raffle to raise money for the DiS Hardship Fund, and if it goes anything as well as it did last year we might also raise a surplus which can be donated to lots of other good causes as well!

So, last year this was the process:
-scoping interest
-seeking prize donations
-announcing prize list
-selling ‘tickets’
-actual raffle

It’ll be much the same as last year, but I’ll be seeking a bit more input from you community members to help hopefully make things run smoother and be an even better experience for all involved :slight_smile:

I’ll be making heavy use of polls in this thread, especially to help set the raffle date and deadlines for the steps above.

Any feedback about things people didn’t like last year will be welcome so we can try and avoid repeat mistakes. One thing I am especially keen on making better is how to get it so people are winning the prizes they want - last year each prize was given a number code and I asked raffle entrants to give an ordered list of what they were interested in so if they won I could use this to allocate their prize. This was pretty good I think at matching people to what they wanted most and so nobody ended up with something totally inappropriate, but I understand filling in that list was a bit unwieldy for a lot of people. Have thought about things like separating stuff into categories and you enter for each category you are interested in, but not entirely sure that is better. Any thoughts?

Also I’m going to be seeking a tech support volunteer, though I am wondering if that is best if it can be one of the committee members?


So so pleased this is back, the best thing to happen here :grinning: I’m no good at the tech stuff but if you need any other help at all I’d be happy to.
Can we donate more than one prize?



I think multiple prize donations are fine so long as firstly you aren’t putting in too much time/money that it is bad for you, and secondly you know you can deliver on it :+1:

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Here are last year’s threads if anyone wants their memory refreshed/missed them:


Some things I am thinking:
-one prize per person, unless we have more prizes than people but then your name only goes back in once others have run out.
-£2 to enter, encouraged donation of £10 but don’t want anyone priced out. No faffing about with ticket numbers like last year.


yaas flashy! thanks for doing this again.

now i just need to have a think about something i can offer as a prize…


My TripAdvisor review was glowing


You’re the best FL


Everything bar the fact I didn’t get my gift was wonderful last year. Might make a book of threads for this year


This, although I did get a 50+ like post out of it even if I didn’t get the prize. I will think of something to contribute this year, felt a bit weird getting prizes and not putting anything in. Except money, obvs.

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Really wish there was some way to guarantee prizes get fulfilled this year. Going to possibly say user have to have been around regularly continuously for a while maybe, not sure what else to do other than keep emphasising at the stage of seeking prizes thst people need to be certain they can deliver.

You can’t police it, and you shouldn’t be expected to. It’s up to people, I’m sure the majority were fulfilled and the main point was raising the money anyway. You do a fine job!


Ok, with regards to the draw date, last year it was the 5th December. Are people happy with a similar early December time, or would it be better somewhere else? My main consideration was not clashing with @japes and Secret Santa, but also I didn’t want to make it too early because it was nice to be in the festive kind of period - but maybe people prefer that?

Thinking mostly about general timing (going to have to be a Wednesday or Friday because they are the only full days I have to myself), when would be best for this years draw?

  • First half of November
  • Second half of November
  • First week of December
  • Second week of December
  • Other

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I wasn’t about last year but I have a donation in mind. Do I post it here or message you @anon89873996?

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There’s still a like to be given by a forum regular - it’s not even like they have to spend money or go to the post office!



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I wasn’t around for last year’s but this sounds fantastic! Thanks for arranging it.

I will have a think about how I can contribute despite having no talents.

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When I have sorted out a few more details I’ll post a new thread asking for prize donations and I’ll make like a form for what details I need and then people can pm me their prize details. Of course feel free to post here now or pm me if you want to run it by people/are just excited :slight_smile:

Also, prizes can be donated anonymously if people want to.


I’m very excited by my donation but I’m keeping it under my hat until the appropriate thread.