Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019: ideas thread 🤔

Okay. I’ll be judge, @xylo is bayliff. Who wants to be lead prosecutor and lead for the defence?


We can raffle off these positions.



(raffles are my answer to everything)


Yeah good luck with that one.

They’re welcome to put in a Lionel Hutz performance.

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He’ll defend himself. Like Ted Bundy.

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I would like to contribute a prize of a little Norwegian mystery pack/care package type thing in the post for someone. Won’t be huge because of postage etc, but will be nice/fun/full of hygge.

Can obviously also do a DiS badge again like last year or anything similar on the site.

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Ok, some ideas to get your opinions on.

Should a few of the big ticket prizes get their own individual draws?

  • Yes
  • No

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Last year I asked raffle entrants to list their order of preference of prizes so I could allocate the prizes people wabtes most to them. I could do the same this year, or the only alternative I can think is that you could opt in or out for each prize which would be simpler but if there is something you really, really want you may be less likely to get it. What would people prefer?

  • Same as last year
  • The new way.

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I guess feasibly I could combine both - people who wanted could send me ordered lists, other people could just select prizes with no order.

Also, anyone want to help me as tech support? It involves helping me make forms people can submit prizes to, generating a database from this and possibly some slightly fancier stuff but that is not essential.

How about opt in or out to all prizes, but you also pick your top 5? could that work?

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I think last year was great, don’t worry about changing it x


Ok, we’ll stick to the same process as last year :+1:

Still looking for some tech support, anyone?

Once I have got the form up for people to submit to then I can open up prize donations!

Also, fund committee people (can’t remember the @ to notify you all on), as I am not in on the group DM anymore, does it seem like a good idea to start a raffle one with myself, you guys or possibly just a couple volunteers, and the tech person so we can sort out behind the scenes stuff like setting up where the money goes and etc?

Still got 2 prizes from last year unredeemed :rofl:

Got some ideas for this year.

Sadly can’t do much in the way of tech support, sorry @Flashinglight


I’m happy to do the same thing I did last year (if that’s what you mean and you felt it worked ok, and if other people are ok with that)

I am also taking a course on stats for data science so can probably produce some Amazing Facts

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Raffle date poll was mostly split between second half of November and first week of December, so I’ll offer some dates between both options here. Just a reminder that I can only do it on a Wednesday or Friday, and also there is a small chance of postponement if childcare falls through for me.
Vote for up to three days you prefer for the draw date :+1:

  • Wednesday November 23rd
  • Friday November 25th
  • Wednesday November 30th
  • Friday December 1st
  • Wednesday December 6th
  • Friday December 8th

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Yes, if you have the time to help that would be great, thank you! :grinning:

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@ DiSRainyDayFund is the group @.

yeah, starting a new group DM sounds like a plan. (I would like to be in the new group DM plz)

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Not sure these dates are correct FL, November 30th is a Saturday. At least I hope it is - I’ve no idea when I’m getting married otherwise :joy:


if any of you guys want to do the form and spreadsheet stuff let me know. I’m 100% happy to do it and enjoy it but if it makes sense for people who are more involved in this than me to do it then that’s maybe a good idea too.

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I’m happy to help our with any admin stuff.

Sorry I’ve not been around a huge amount lately, hectic at work, then holiday and then busy back at work.

But things should change.

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