Hardship Fund Winter Raffle Prize Reveal Thread 🎉

As promised in the other thread, today is the Epic reveal of the prizes for the Hardship Fund Winter Raffles (a little alpaca humour for you there).

I will be revealing the prizes one by one here today and tomorrow entries will be opened, details of how to buy tickets will be in another new thread.

You’ll notice everything has a prize code number, this is because to make the actual raffle draw day go smoothly I will be sending a form to those who buy tickets to fill out their prize preferences and these numbers will be used for that. A full list of prizes in spreadsheet form will be made available to make filling out your preferences easier than scrolling through this thread.

Before I start the reveal I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated prizes. The time, thought, creativity, money, effort, etc that have gone into them all has totally blown me away and we wouldn’t have this raffle without the generosity of everyone who has come up with something to give :heart:

Also a quick reminder that prizes can still be donated until noon today if anyone has a late addition :slight_smile:



I’m gonna like every post in this thread.


Prize Code : 1
Donated by : @anon82218317
Prize : A guided tour of South East London Quantity : 1
Description : I will provided a guided walking tour of my favourite spots in SE London, with a focus on Lewisham
Restrictions : Must take place in South East London.


Prize Code : 2
Donated by : @jazzballet
Prize: A vegan snack box
Quantity : 1
Description : Collection of sweet and savoury vegan snacks that actually taste good
Restrictions: UK only. Contains peanuts, soya and gluten.


Prize Code : 3
Donated by : @profk
Prize: Themed playlists
Quantity : 4
Description : I will create 4 playlists of songs on any theme suggested by the winner. If a theme is not suggested, I will suggest themes.
Restrictions: none!


Prize Code : 4
Donated by : @anon26275971
Prize: some owd books - either selected by me or you can have a nosey through some photos and choose.

Quantity : 4
Description : look, I realise this isn’t going to be anyone’s first choice, but just think of it as the prize version of vegetables. not everything can be exciting - eat your damn books.
Restrictions: none!


Prize Code : 5
Donated by : @manches
Prize : A Roscoe & Marlon Christmas Carol

Quantity : 1
Description : A handwritten notebook-length tale chock full of festive mayhem, brazen stupidity, and a surprisingly persistent air of melancholy. Probably. There’ll be all kinds of time-space shenanigans and a foreword by Ernest Hemingway. Dig!
Restrictions : none!


Prize Code : 6
Donated by : @xylo
Prize : A very Xylo night out and/or An antique map
Quantity : 1
Description : If you win A Very Xylo Night Out, xylo will be taking you out! Hooray! You’ll be plied with food and drinks (he will get in touch beforehand to understand dietary and booze/non-booze requirements), at no cost to you! He will make sure you make it, swaying wildly, to your public transport of choice!

Also up for grabs is An Antique Map! Xylo has access to many of these, so he’ll try his best to pick one that in some way relates to who you are, where you’re from or what you enjoy.

If you are really far away, it might mean that you get the map immediately, but the very xylo night out might be a little while in the planning. He will do his best to make it happen though, unless it threatens to bankrupt him taking flights to where you are. You still get the map!

If you JUST want the map, that’s cool too. You will just irreparably damage Xylo’s feelings brutally.

Restrictions : UK only for the night out (which might mean planning ahead by a month or two to make the visit viable/affordable), anywhere in the world for the map! I can confirm xylo contains meat and nuts.


Prize Code : 7
Donated by : @Bamnan
Prize : A Bam MS Paint Drawing

Quantity : 1
Description : Digital MS Paint drawing of your choice!
Restrictions : none!


Prize Code : 8
Donated by : @anon5266188
Prize : A digital copy of Football Manager 2019
Quantity : 1
Description : A copy of the world’s leading football management simulation via a digital download code for Steam on Mac or PC
Restrictions : none!


Prize Code : 9
Donated by : @he_2
Prize : A free female haircut

Quantity : 3
Description : @plasticniki’s mobile hairstylist in chief is delighted to offer a free home haircut (or if not convenient, at another suitable location) for females - happy for it to go to a DiSer, or friends / family / colleagues thereof. Relaxed, convenient, no pressure - and you get to pick the soundtrack (Kraftwerk to beat!)
Restrictions : happy to travel at my own expense anywhere in the UK & Ireland.


Prize Code : 10
Donated by : @colossalhorse
Prize : A bespoke hot sauce
Quantity : 2
Description : The winner of this prize will get a hot sauce cooked and bottled especially for them by me. We’ll have a chat and they can choose a flavour profile and heat level for their chosen sauce in discussion with me. Fruit based? BBQ sauce? Or - one for the beer wankers - perhaps a caramelized onion & stout ketchup? The possibilities are endless! Well, maybe not endless. But pretty broad.
Restrictions : As it’s food I’m not sure if I can ship it overseas. It’ll only keep for so long. If it’s an overseas winner I’ll have to see what I can do. As it’s bespoke I’ll check the winners’ requirements/restrictions with them before making the sauce.


Prize Code : 11
Donated by : @laelfy
Prize : Mysterious (random tat) from various countries in SE Asia
Quantity : 1
Description :???
Restrictions : I won’t be back in the UK until early December. May have some random dodgy spirits in there but who knows…


Woah! This is a great prize. Heard really good things about this game.


Ha, I should’ve put more effort into selling this really. I can confirm though that I’ve already bought some of the items.


The mystery of it is the selling point I think, those question marks equal excitement!


Prize Code : 12
Donated by : @ynot
Prize : Album - Nosferatu D2 - We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise

Quantity : 1
Description : A copy of some good friends and 9/10 DiS reviewed album , http://drownedinsound.com/releases/15025/reviews/4138815
Restrictions : none!


Prize Code : 13
Donated by : Anonymous
Prize : A copy of Levitation Seeks Head by Louis Jagger

Quantity : 1
Description : A used copy of the debut novel by ex-DiSer–Louis_Tacceh. DiS-related, and might be amusing to some.
Restrictions : none!


Prize Code : 14
Donated by : @Slicky
Prize : Cookies :cookie:
Quantity : 3
Description : I make super cookies, happy to make a batch or 3 and send em out as prizes
Restrictions : contains egg, butter, flour and chocolate.