That upcoming child is in good hands you know.

:joy: Why thankyou! :heart_eyes:

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Do you consider Maoam canon within the Haribo Cinematic Universe?

  • Yes !!!
  • No !!!

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Anyone had these before? Rating if so?



Really good. 9.5

This was a good thread

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Sorry :frowning:

This is also a good thread!

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Can’t get enough of the Haribo chat

No such thing as a bad thread*

*this is a lie

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Quite enjoy that this is the question you asked in the other thread too :smiley:

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It’s been eating me inside for years.

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Nice I’ll get some one day

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Sweets AND toffee. Note the distinction.

Haribo jelly babies > Bassett’s jelly babies

Greater variety of flavours, squishier, none of that white dusting shit. I like to squash them between my thumb and forefinger prior to eating, it’s sort of like tenderising a steak in the way that it makes them softer and releases the flavour.

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The exact opposite of this

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not vegetarian

I guess maybe (well, I know) vegetarian ones exist, but there are much better readily available vegan sweeties (The Natural Confectionery Company)

my 10 y.o. niece said this the other day

kids and grown-ups think it’s so, the better consistency of non-gelatin Haribo


investigating rn