Harry and Meghan in 'near catastrophic' car chase - spokesperson

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I like the bit where they ask the cabbie about them and he was like ‘‘yeah they seemed nervous, like they were being chased’’ - after he was literally a driver in said chase.

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  • It was Gwyneth Paltrow and that fella who crashed into her skiing who were chasing them

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i have no reason to doubt their version of the story, and every reason to doubt the NYPD and press.


They paint it like its absurd and they must have made it up but then on the bbc front page you can see a video “of them leaving before alleged chase” which suggests that people will watch any old shit with these pair in so they probably were being chased.

or not actually, i don’t fucking care there’s so much more interesting shit around*

  • case in point

Have you ever had a liquid salad!

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Just don’t get why you’d endanger your own life by speeding away from paparazzi like they’re the ghost things on Pacman


And the taxi driver?

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Apparently they were staying with a friend and didn’t want the paparazzi to be led there. But yeah I feel like it’s weird too, can’t just start zooming around town.

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This is a bit victim blamey

I don’t mean it to be, and I realise the full circumstances don’t seem to have come to light. Just seems that in a situation like this you’d have to weigh up any perceived threat to you with the danger you’re putting other people in. Reports of a car chase in a city going through red lights and driving on pavements seems like something where the public were in a lot of danger, and harassment alone wouldn’t justify it imo.

Given the limited facts I think it’s okay to say that it feels a bit off, but it may be that they were in significantly more danger than just harassment which would change things. My sympathy isn’t with the paparazzi at any point here, but I just think that there’s a high threshold for severely endangering others.


Good points, fair enough.

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I could have been more full in my explanation in the first place tbf

Quite enjoyed the bit where one of the Paparazzi was being interviewed and was basically “Yeah, their driver was being a bit stupid, but I was indeed following them for ages.” and yet the British media are still doubting that they were being followed for ages.

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Who are the people who want to look at a photo of Harry and Meghan looking scared in a car? Just don’t get it.