Harvey Weinstein and Hashtag Me Too: A Rolling Thread

Seems like these allegations have been known about in Hollywood for perhaps as long as 30 years and some legal action is about to be taken against him. Rose Mcgowan said last year that she’d been raped by a ‘studio exec’ and now seems to be heavily suggesting that it was him.

Quite a shit response from him tbh and it’s basically impossible to avoid the Weinsteins unless you stop watching films altogether.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone really, not about him specifically, but about a powerful man in Hollywood/any company really. Sure it happens all the time.


yeah don’t think it’s surprising to anyone that it happens but it’s surprising that an entire industry can keep quiet about it for so long for the sake of people’s careers, but that’s how the culture works i guess. that rose mcgowan article is particularly grim about the reasons she was told not to speak out by her own legal team.

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Because every single person is protecting their own interests

Not too dissimilar to the reasons why rape prosecutions routinely get overturned.

Sucks to be a woman :woman_shrugging:


I’ve seen people speculate who has ‘benefitted’ from this. Absolutely disgusting.

how do you mean? in what context?

As in which actresses got their break because they were ‘willing’ to put up with his sexual harrasment.

oh jesus

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‘I’m from the 70’s’ is already an absolutely fucking shocking excuse but how could he expect that to fly here? He’s a major film producer who’s company is putting out about 7 films a year. This guy knows how culture is changing, he knows that attitudes have changed. He is just abusing his power.


Glad this has finally come to the fore… these allegations have been floating around for a while. This story from a couple of years ago has info on many of the incidents mentioned in the NYT story:
http://defamer.gawker.com/tell-us-what-you-know-about-harvey-weinsteins-open-sec-1695071092. Sincerely hope he doesn’t get away with it purely because he has copious amounts of money to throw around.

His statement is completely surreal. That he basically owns up to everything under the excuse of “I didn’t know any better/it was acceptable at the time” but has then proceeded to sue the NYT for defamation. Whew…

Yeah, the Daily Mail’s hot take was to blame all the women, obviously.

He sounds like the most disgusting person.

“In particular, we wonder if anyone’s put their name to the old story of the famous actress who was a big enough name to be able to refuse to shag Weinstein for a part, but still had to endure Weinstein tugging himself off onto her leg as a compromise?”

Should the company change its name now?

The other weinstein is still there, but… probably

Yeah, can’t decide if it should stay as a reminder of someone (eventually) being taken to task or not

it’s gonna happen

predictable & obviously doesn’t change anything … I’m with @Severed799 on being a little uneasy at the whitewashing

seems also that Matt Damon & Ben Affleck intervened personally to stop an exposé of Weinstein in 2004 as well

and loads of other stories from other actresses as well of course

rich white men with power really get away with everything don’t they?


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Matt Damon & Russell Crowe

got confused because Casey Affleck is obviously another one of these hideous predators

There have always been legendary tales of Harvey acting like a douche, but until recently they were always held up as extreme macho management and part of the dominant personality that got him where he is today-an unpleasant, shouty boss who always got his way because nobody would stand up to him and make him behave himself. And that has happened in the open for years and years

The sexual element has been conveniently ignored by people in the business who daren’t stand up to him. It must have been easy to say “It’s just Harvey being Harvey”, particularly in an industry where young actresses have always been treated as chattels.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is probably why male industry players are keeping their heads down - there is so much of this stuff going on that they daren’t draw attention to themselves.

well quite

I mean

that’s the fucking President right there