Harvey Weinstein and Hashtag Me Too: A Rolling Thread


i’m starting to feel that our species’ imminent nuclear obliteration might not be such a bad thing tbh :frowning:


that’s a bit unfair on the women


fair point. can we just fire all the rich white men into the sun then, please?



in perhaps related news, I also noted in passing when this story broke in the big article in the NYT a few days ago that the Weinstein company has a all-male board - we could go a long way just by making that shit illegal right now


it feels very lose-lose, though because legislating always looks a bit tokenistic, like women/poc etc are being appointed to fill quotas and not on merit. obviously that’s absurd, but that’s apparently the world we live in now.

it’s just absolutely staggering to me that we still have to have these conversations in fucking 2017.


nah, the claims of tokenism are just another loss-of-privilege defense

the not-on-merit argument begins from a flawed and sexist position that only white men have the true competence. It’s crap. Moreover, it’s the majority of middle-aged white men in a crap suit that are where they are because of the de facto quota of power being visibly and structural defined in their image. The bias is created by their presence and provides a feedback loop which excludes competence and protects privilege.

…and ultimately leads to creating a space where people like Weinstein/Trump etc are not only able to exist but to actually thrive and control



Sleight problem with that. Trump and Sessions are working on taking down affirmative action


then they/we should class all-male/all-white boards as affirmative action



Unfortunately rich white men aren’t going to give up a privilege that most believe isn’t a privilege.


oh well, we’d better buckle-in and make the best that we can of the patriarchial rape-culture capitalism we live under then. There’s nothing we can do about it


That’s clearly not what i’m saying. Stop being hyperbolic.

I’m saying that there are serious issues and the people at the very top of the chain are actively trying to make them worse


The sad fact is that a lot of men will say all the right things when it’s some celebrity who is essentially abstract to them, but when it’s their pal? They close ranks.

“He seems genuinely sorry”
“You’re making too big a deal out of this”
“I really like his band, and I want to continue putting on their gigs”
“Oh but he’s so funny”
“Are you not making things difficult for everyone”

There are plenty of women who will do this too. Making the bargain with the devil so they can convince themselves that it won’t happen to them. Only those other women.

List of Indie Music Creeps/Criminals

White men are actually a numerical minority, they are just a very pampered and coddled one.


well duh

that’s what I’m talking about - we need structural changes. It’s no good picking off creeps one by one when the entire structure of society promotes & enables them.

But we wouldn’t want to be tokenistic now would we?

Excuse the ‘hyperbole’ (?) but I’m really fucking tired of having this argument/discussion. White men occupying positions of power creates the bias that only white men can have competence, which repeats itself endlessly

This is nothing personal against anyone here but repeating the arguments that are used by those with privilege is feeding that bias and I wish people would stop doing it. Equally, saying that it’s hard to speak to power and address inequality because people don’t want to give up privilege is kind of banal & pointless. Of course it’s hard but so what ? It needs to be done


well, indeed

hence all white/male boards should definitely be considered as affirmative action & thus banned


It makes me sad how often I find a use for this graphic:



People keep voting for shitty white men and buying shitty white men’s produce.

The power structure is that entrenched i believe that only direct action will change it.


I agree

Is there anything in particular you have in mind?

I’m under no illusion that board room quotas will magically fix everything but they would certainly put a hammer in the wheel of a whole subset of biases that make up the stinky competent/tokenist defense (as if all-male boards are the natural order of things)


You can replace board there with lots of other words. They have the automatic right to do things, everyone else are novelty interlopers who can only be allowed in small tokenistic numbers.