Harvey Weinstein and Hashtag Me Too: A Rolling Thread


Fucking weird amount of mental gymnastics from men desperate to paint themselves as victims when they’re just being asked to treat women as human beings and not be rapists


this is a witch hunt!!! specifically rapey-sounding witches, yes.


Pff. Superman looks just like Christopher Reeves. He’s some kind of imposter. Allergic to kryptonite? I bet it’s just an intolerance.

(with apologies to those with genuine food allergies)


Don’t know if this is the right thread to post this in. If you can get past the fact that it’s Pitchfork and the horribly laboured simile at the beginning it was a bit of an eye-opener for me about yet another artist I enjoy.


I meant to add the post about her domestic violence yesterday. Really grim stuff.


Don’t want to go too off topic but it has not been a great-looking week for Nicki’s karma:

  • a former partner partner alleges severe domestic violence, and one bit sounds eerily similar to an event described in one of her songs (though it’s by no means definite)
  • widely criticised for sending verbally abusive Twitter messages to a woman who criticised her music
  • collaborated with a rapper who was found guilty in 2015 of “using a child in a sexual performance” after being filmed having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl. Then added said collaboration to her new album after its release date and described said rapper as her “BFF”
  • apparently lost a number of LGBT Super fans over allegedly homophobic lyrics in her new album

Quite a big fan of her music but feeling incredibly uneasy about all of this :grimacing:


This all sounds like a bit of a stretch…

The domestic stuff is not nice…but at this stage is apocryphal and if not, was apparently settled between all parties until she released a new album. Even if true, after the event this is just score settling.

Twitter is Twitter. It goes both ways. If you express an opinion, others can comment on it - particularly if you @ them. If Minaj has had a spat with a ‘fan’, then she’s daft- but I don’t feel sorry for whoever called her out.

Dubious rapper is internet bullshit. If the guy has served his sentence, then it is down to an individual whether they support or shun him. I’d personally shun, but Minaj is supporting. She presumably knows the guy better than I do.

Can’t comment in detail on the lyrics of the new album, but unless the LGBT has held a general meeting and appointed one guy/gal as the spokesperson for all in the LGBT community, this is clearly just tattle. I’d doubt commercially that any offence was intended and from what I’ve been able to decipher, this album is pretty much exclusively about the power and availability of Minaji’s pussy.

Frankly, this is just the noise that surrounds the release of a record by a well known artist. Some people try to raise their profile by praising it, some people generate attention by publically hating it, and oth’. ers desperately try to make it relevant to whatever agenda they are pushing. This week it’s Nicki Minaj, next week it’s Radiohead or someone else.

This is a long-winded way of saying ‘don’t sweat it’. If you want to listen to the new album, just do so, and don’t worry about what others think.


Obviously Minaj can choose what she wants to do, but people can criticise her for it. He hasn’t served his sentence - he’s violated his plea agreement and is due to be sentenced in October: https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.47973/title.tekashi-6ix9ine-faces-up-to-3-years-in-prison-sex-offender-registration#

Also, it seems a bit odd to say “dubious rapper is internet bullshit” - I’ve blurred the paragraphs below because they detail the sexual abuse of a child:

As to the contents of the video in question, 6ix9ine told Akademiks, “I’m not touching the girl, I’m not having sexual intercourse with the girl, I’m not doing nothing, she just nude in some type of way.” The complaint states that in one video, “the child is sitting on the lap of the defendant [Hernandez] and the defendant has his arms around the child. The child is wearing a light colored bra and dark colored underwear and separately charged defendant [Taquan] Anderson pours a cup of liquid on the child’s breasts and grabs the child’s breasts with his hands.” Later in the interview, 6ix9ine claimed again, “I didn’t touch the girl.”

6ix9ine told Akademiks that “months later” after the incident, he was contacted by police. The New York State Unified Court System’s online database says he was arrested March 5, 2015, which is also the date on his statement.

6ix9ine said to Akademiks that an unspecified “they” at his grand jury hearing said, “There’s no rape. No one got raped. No one, like no one.” The complaint describes another video containing footage, in which “the child engages in oral sexual intercourse with the separately charged defendant Taquan Anderson, while the defendant, Daniel Hernandez, stands behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking her on her buttocks. The child is nude in the video.”

In his interview with Akademiks, 6ix9ine said, “When I saw Genius post the story, I thought they was gonna say all the details of the case, like, ‘He was just there, he was just talking into the camera, he didn’t touch the girl, no sexual performance with the camera… I didn’t rape nobody, bro, the girl wasn’t even raped.”

The third video listed in the complaint is written up as follows: “In the third video, the child is completely nude and is sitting across the laps of the defendant and the separately charged defendant Taquan Anderson. The separately charged defendant touches the child across her legs and vagina with his hand. The same three individuals are observed in all three videos.”

Source for the above is https://jezebel.com/details-in-child-sex-complaint-against-rapper-6ix9ine-c-1821245294

People can continue to listen to Minaj if they want, I don’t care and think that’s up to the individual, but I don’t think those criticisms can just be dismissed.


I came back to link to the Pitchfork piece by Shanita Hubbard. This is clearly more important than the drunken bollocks I posted last night.

Delete my previous post. Apologies for any offence caused.


:pensive: don’t know what to say about this really


Doesn’t really have any impact on the crimes of Weinstein. Sure, it has pretty damning repercussions for her own reputation/credibility…but if the #MeToo movement is more about highlighting endemic abuse…does she really hold much influence?

Also think it’s important to mention something about cycles of abuse and how they’re perpetuated.


Yeah that was something that struck me too. Especially when ‘in the notice, Bennett explained that seeing Argento “present herself as a victim of sexual assault was too much to bear… and called up memories of their hotel reunion,”’

Totally agree that it should have no bearing on the Weinstein trial, but can’t help but feel that it’ll be used to great effect by his lawyers.


Yeah, I think cases like this, where someone could be both a victim and perpetrator of abuse…highlight how reductive it is to try and sort people into “good” vs “bad” sides in the overall scheme of things. This extends even to Weinstein himself (though he is obviously an odious man)…where the system that allowed his abuse should be under greater scrutiny than him himself.

This point will have been made more eloquently upthread.


Not sure if this is the place for this but I didn’t hear about this over the weekend and fucking hell, what an absolute prick


Someone linked this elsewhere, ‘funnyman’ Brian Conley straight up groping Sam from Big Brother. It’s crazy that this was only twelve years ago. We’ve come a long way. Still horrifyingly far from the finish line, but it’s a start.


Immature guilt lol at, “It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast.”


This is pretty grim reading :frowning:


This seemed like the closest we had to a #metoo thread, from penoid’s (locked) Twitter but she was happy for people to RT the text:

hrtbps has reactivated and i have 62 mutuals. he’s a predator, has been for years. with some searching you can see people who have spoken up about it over the last year. do people not care about this or…?

i’m gonna stop bleating on but the blokes a fucking danger and he’s also not left wing and never has been, just numbers-hungry

And these:

All pretty upsetting, really.

Most Disappointing Person of 2018

Who is this?


Well it’s

He posts a lot of leftist stuff and writes for http://joe.co.uk these days.

AFAIK he used to be on DiS but I guess maybe @guntrip could answer that for sure. He was one part of Internet Forever IIRC.