Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment claims


similarly I don’t really want to defend mcfarlane (ughh) but that oscars clip seemed to me like it could be an attempt express disgust at weinstein using the tools at his disposal rather than normalise it. ditto Tina Fey


its always quite hard to tell with mcfarlane. i think part of it is the fact that he’s willing to make jokes about literally any showbiz rumour, so when later some turn out to be true we assume he had this insider knowledge. in reality maybe he was just writing some bullshit about some offhand comment someone made once and didnt know the extent of it or whatever.

tbh, however much he knew about it, he’s a creepy dude, and all of his comedy is aimed squarely at white boys, and 99% of the time punches down, so fuck him either way.


I think he explicitly said as much a few weeks ago. I don’t particularly like the guy and many things in his shows are… problematic, but he does seem to be broadly punching up rather than down on this.


I’m not saying I like him or anything but you could argue that that joke did more to expose weinstein than anything sayyyyy… George Clooney or Quentin Tarantino managed.


yeah that is a fair point, and it could well be true that he said it because he hated the guy. but even the wording of that joke doesnt do him any favours. it put the focus on the women themselves and not weinstein’s behaviour (“you 5 ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein”).


Feels a bit wrong to make the comparison, but it also compares well with the Tory response over the last week - both Labour MPs to make the news have been fairly swiftly dealt with pending the outcome of an investigation. Meanwhile, Stephen Crabb and Mark Garnier remain in place.

However, as far as I’m aware, Ken Livingstone is STILL a Labour member, so a long way to go on sorting out the disciplinary processes…


Ok I’ve done all the seth mcfarlane apologising I’m going to do today - time for a very hot shower.


Nah I think that’s fair enough. As a Member I expect Labour to be the standard-bearers on this particular point, I really do.

As for Livingstone, I continue to despair.


Hi guys, can I ask for your opinion on something. SSP. Serious tag (as per reddit).

I was on a personal development course recently, and one of the topics was living in accordance with who you want to be as a person. As part of this conversation, we were looking at areas in life where we hadn’t acted in a way that is not consistent with who we want to be.

Someone on the course admitted to me (and a small group of others) that about a decade ago they had sex with someone after they asked him not to continue. He said that he felt bad about this since the incident, but at the time he didn’t recognise how major a thing this had been. Since the recent news and the course, he’s apparently become more aware of the seriousness of it, and he’s apparently spoken to her recently and apologised. She has forgiven him, and he still feels awful. This was all admitted in the spirit of recognising that this was a bad thing to have done, but part of me wondered if even now does he really understand the seriousness of it. The group took this in the spirit of someone sharing something that they were ashamed of, and thanked him for sharing, but it still sits very uncomfortably with me, as he was admitting to a serious sexual assault.

I only know him through this course, but am in regular contact. Do you think there is anything I should say / do?


That is obviously really difficult thing to be party to, I feel a bit out of my depth with regards to knowing exactly what to do, but I can share some thoughts on how I’d also feel.

I think I’d share your suspicions. The context of the group is pretty important; was it agreed that all “confessions” were confidential and not to be brought out of your small group, or at least implied that way? Because then I would wonder if I was being told this information because I had agreed not to pass it on further…which would set off alarm bells in my head.

Secondly…I’m guessing because this is a self-development course, he’s using this example as a version of his past self…almost as if the matter is finished and final. I am just going on the information you’ve given me hear, so I apologise I’ve made incorrect assumptions, but to me his apology (regardless of her forgiveness) is inadequate. People have spoken enough (and with greater eloquency) about victim pressures in this thread to question the reasons why this is not a legal matter…but he seems pretty comfortable with that fact, given that he’s making it known to others.

In terms of how to approach it, I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help. I just think it is heavily implied that this is a rape which has been settled with a simple “sorry”…and you’re right to feel off about that.


Only he and her can be the judge of that, to be honest. I’m not sure that there’s anything else that you should do, as she might be dealing with it in her own way, and if you were to do something, then you put that at risk.


This is a pretty difficult one. I definitely understand why you’d feel uncomfortable with this as you’ve essentially heard someone admit a crime for which they’ve avoided any real consequence for.

The difficultly, in my case would be envisioning any subsequent course of action beyond which you’ve described here. It’s important I think that he acknowledge the fact that he sexually assaulted someone and that he do his utmost to make things right with them.

Beyond this I really wouldn’t feel qualified to say anything more on the subject, it might be worth contacting rapecrisis.org or a similar group who might have slightly more thorough advise on the subject.


What would you say or do?


Yeah there’s not really anything appropriate he can do except use judgement to tell others who his guy might come into contact with. If he is working with children or vulnerable adults then it may be a different matter.


I had been considering speaking to him about it, and encouraging him to explore in more detail the impact that this type of behavior has on victims (not through his victim, but via his own research).

There isn’t really anything else I can do, as I know him in complete isolation from the rest of his life.


Reading about Spacey’s behaviour behind the scenes on House of Cards, so disturbing to think it was going on in plain sight.


On which note, we’ve all seen he’s being investigated by the police now?


Also, bit irrelevant but just remembered his speech in Se7en where his character railed against ‘pederasts’


I know the BBC has done more than enough to help protect sex criminals in its time but you’d think they’d maybe learned a thing or two since I dunno 2012 or so.


Also this: